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SouthernJet reviews 'Halloween' and 'My Best Friend'


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OK, the reviews are very mixed on this and some reviews, in my opinion, have been misleading. I can only assume there is aanti- Rob Zombie faction in Hollywood.

I will say that I enjoyed this redo of the original, as much as the original. Zombie did what HAD to be done. He had to make the movie from a different perspective. The original was the doc and the sister. In a brilliant movie, he takes the first 30 to 40 minutes of movie and goes inside Michaels head from 8 to 23 years of age. We see totally how this monster got created and then evolved.

The second half i smore formula but again I feel he does a great job in updating with a edgier feel.

For horror fans, dont despair, Zombie delivers.

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My Best Friend:

A delightful, witty French comedy with every day nuamces we all encounter. A self-centered French antique delaer is castigated by his associates as a man with no best friend and no one to come to his funeral. This starts a very charming, warm story of a mans clumbsy attempt to garner friendship when he does not know how. It takes a Obsessive Compulsive taxi driver and loser in life to basically teach the main protaginist. Its definitly a Independent film, I am sure the Indies in here, GG for example, will love it.

Its a film that will deliver as it relies on a script, ,a rarity in mainstream Hollywood.

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The one thing I loved about the original is you didn't need MM infront of your face,You knew he was there,somewhere lurking in the shadows.

The only beef I had with this one was MM was just there,always standing right there for everyone to see.

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