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I Will miss Season Opener, be out of loop for awhile


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OK, heading out of town in a day or so,, will not be able to revel in ppregame buildup. I wont be seeing the game either. I assume I will be hearing on radio on I95.

Weddings take precence over Football..

At least in my world :P

Good luck Jets..

You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dude, in case i forget, congrats man, hope the day works out exactly as planned for you and the future mrs'

graciass! :cheers:

We'll have a toast to young jgb's at Amedeos for you, SJ. All the best, kid - enjoy your day.

thanks man, maybe i'll call to say hi..... if my *gulp* wife lets me!

Who would schedule a wedding opening day weekend, the wife. I guess we now know who really has the green balls in Johnny house. ;)

BTY, best of luck jgb!

thanks! (ps: that's a trick question, on saturday my balls get cut off! :cry:)

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