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Lovin' That New WFAN Morning Show


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I've been away from New York for a while now on business which is why I had a nice surprise this morning driving to work when I tuned in to 660 AM to see what they had in place of Dull Imus. I know I'm at risk of offending the 7 listeners Imus had but this new Boomer Esiason/Clay Carton show was a nice breath of fresh air.

Seems like all they talked about was football. Rutgers, Jets, Giants etc. Interview with Thomas Jones was entertaining. I haven't heard this much football talk on a WFAN show in a while. Usually it's just wall to wall baseball with a little golf (and tennis if Russo is on) sprinkled in. What a brilliant idea for NY's sports station: have a morning talk show that is actually about sports.

No more Imus mumbling about what a bunch of jerks politicians are and recycling old Howard Stern bits. I actually laughed more listening to Boomer and Clay this one morning than I did in all the years I tuned into Imus's show while Howard's was in commercial.

Check this show out, it's great.

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