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Happy Birthday Strange Andy-


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no birthday nod for me JetNation? Guess I'm not cool enough, but that's alright. Smizzy posted two other birthdays, so I guess I'll be sending him a bag of sh!t on his next birthday.

Happy Birthday Andy. It was great hanging out with you last night. Hope you like that gag gift I got you. Man I ate too much ice cream cake though. My bad.

Enjoy your day.

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Happy Birthday Andy. It really is hard to believe another year has passed.

Remember in our youth, how we walked hand in hand around the UP and laughed like tomorrow would never come?

Well it came, and time has separated us. And for that I am sorry. Happy Birthday.


Judging from past experience I am going to say that Andy will not be happy with that one.


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No one is going to say it? Okay, I will. Do you REALLY care about getting your 34th birthday mentioned on an online football forum?? After I turned 21 I didn't care if no-one paid attention to my birthday.

C'mon really? are you serious?

Not for a second did it bother me that my birthday went unrecognized on this forum. I simply posted it for humor.....

Actually I'm lying, will you come to Illinois and hold me?

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