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Whay I love waterparks


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Why do i love waterparks?

lazy river? almost.

but seriously, its the young hotties. young hotties in bathing suits to be more exact. Nothing better than going up the stairs, waiting, while a hot 17 year old with a tight perky ass is blocking your view. im talking right in your face.

i went to wet and wild in orlando yesterday and there was this PR chick mayve 16-18 tops with dark skin and long black hair.her butt was like a dream. so tan, so firm perfect skin. everywhere i went there she was. like she was sent by satan to drive me crazy. i even caught a bit of boobie when one youngster on the lazy river went under the waterfall and the gush gave her (and me) a surprise

i love waterparks to death. if i were a pedofile id get a job there.

just a heads up for you guys who havent been there to experience the water and skin. you cant go to the beach and get the same i.e. pick your favorite and stick your nose 12 inches from her ass. youd be arrested

thanks for your time

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