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Let me make this quick in #ed format.


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1. I think we saw all we needed to knoe about Chad on that one legged TD drive or you could just look at his stat line and tell someone what happened to him if you missed the game.

2. BTW, thanks for that #4 overall Brick, or should I call him D'Straw?

3. Who disagreed with me about Wes Welker?,must I bump my post or just accept a South Florida resident when I say a guy who played with Miami is for real. Get ready to hear that name again and again, like fins fans hear Chrebet.

4.I don't care if we play Clemons,Chad or trade for Payton Manning,with that defense,WE SUCK!!

5. Revis IS the real deal. They picked on Barrett,they abused Miller(my guy, I know), but Revis seemed to have things locked down, nice open field tackling.

6.Didn't we trade Barlow,Blaylock, and Houston for a guy from Chicago?

7.Too early to call Brick a bust at #4? Yeah,but we're getting there. Keep watching that Chad "wait until that shot wears off" Sack. He was more like a snowman than a brickwall.

8. We DID NOTHING TO IMPROVE OUR HORRIFIC RUN DEFENSE!!!!!Is any else upset with the coaching staff about this?

9. Same as above except exchange "RUN DEFENSE" with "PASS RUSH". Anyone mad at the genius like if it was Herm?No Change.

10. Does anyone still NOT want Moss? Does anyone still NOT want Welker? I'm not gonna go there, yet, ONLY because we got him so cheap, but anyone want to see what Michael Turner can do?

The only hope is that Dyson comes back and we give the line an extra 3 seconds to get to the QB.

And I leave with this question: Why can the Pats play the 3-4 and we can't? Why were the Parcells Giants able to dominate in the 3-4 and we can't?

Is it our personell? Does #4 Dewaye Robertson from Kentucky suck?Does first rounder Jon Vilma from the Canes suck? Does Bryan Thomas and Shaun Ellis ,all first rounders suck?

Or is it the Genius??NOOOO, of course not. It must be that Thomas,Ellis,Robertson,Vilma, all first rounders suck and Hobson sucks too,but he was a 2nd,BTW did anyone see Harris? He sucks, too? or they just haven't gelled.

I just can't put my finger on it, because these are all talented guys,but we know it can't be the genius and his New England 3-4 chowder. We must have just drafted a bunch of busts!!!

damn Herm and damn Bradway!

Don't worry, I heard reports D-Rob is going to drink shakes this week.

Same old jets.

Go with Clemons now! You saw Chad at his best, this defense couldn't win the peach bowl.

Don't do this to him.

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