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Ok JetNAtion, it's time for me to apologize


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To the Jet fans on this site...

Yea I won't lie... I put alot of energy into the offseason as far as being a fan goes, and yea... I know I made alot of crazy predictions like the thread about the Jets winning the AFC East and the Patriots missing the playoffs for the first time in a long time, maybe I was wrong....

But as a fan I was just excited about the season starting and sometimes I feel I believe in my team a little too much, and when we lose a game like this I just feel let down and upset about the season.

I just wanna say my bad to everyone on this site for the threads I made about Kellen Clemens. I just wanted to bash our backup QB instead of bashing Mangini, the O-Line, the D-Line, special teams... I just wanted to let my frustration out on the way KC came in and played at the end of the game instead of the whole team.

I'm just gonna keep my head up as a fan, it's only week one, the Bills and Phins also lost today... And next week I will be rooting hard for a Chargers win and maybe, just maybe we can turn things around and put it all together in Baltimore. Maybe this loss will bring us closer as a team and as a fan base... THats what I can only hope for as of now. If we can beat Baltimore, and thats a big "IF" and SD can beat NE, I swear week 3 will feel like week one for me as a fan of the Jets.

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At least you care...which is more than what can be said about others.

Or the guys that cheer when our guys get hurt.

Those guys can jump off a bridge for all I care

I would much rather be known around here as a stupid homer, than a prick.. Really, I never try and get under the skin of poster on this site, I just try and keep faith in the team and always believe... But yea, I do care... I dont wanna be some punk around this site... Call me a homer, tell me I dont know what Im talking about because im drinking the green stuff, thats ok with me...

When Chad went down... I kept telling my older Bro... There goes the Jets season, just like 99... I kept saying it. When I seen the reaction the croud gave Kellen, I went outside to smoke a newport... Really, it was just bad in my eyes. When I seen the way Chad came back and put 7 on the board, win or lose, I was glad Chad was our QB.

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