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Our depth chart as of now...(edited)


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SE 81-McCareins 89-Cotchery 84-Carter 2-Stubbs 17-Eddie Jackson

SE2 11-Jovan Witherspoon

FL 87-Coles 80-Chrebet 18-Harry Williams 82-Gessner 14-Ralph Brock

LT 69-Fabini 74-Mike Kracalik 72-Isaac Snell

LG 66-Kendall 64-Yovanovits 62-Michael King

C 68-Mawae 78-Goodwin 60-Charles Missant

RG 65-Moore 61-Jason Nerys

RT 79-Adrian Jones 67-Ethan Brooks 77-Cavka 75-Henry Tellis

TE 88-Jolley 86-Baker 49-Joel Dreessen 00-Matt Chila

QB 10-Pennington 9-Fiedler 5-Bollinger 8-Kevin Eakin

FB 33-Sowell 35-Askew 40-Austine Nwabuisi

RB 28-Martin 23-Blaylock 39-Cedric Houston 44-Flowers 30-Delvin Joyce

RB2 37-Josh Davis 27-Vick King

----------------------------------------------------- THE DEFENSE

LDE 92-Ellis 99-Thomas 71-Radell Lockhart

LDT 63-Robertson 70-Lance Legree 98-Harper

NT 93-Reed 91-Sione Pouha 95-Tim McGill

RDE 94-Abraham 97-Trevor Johnson Trevor

96-Joey Evans

SLB 54-Hobson 55-Brown 46-Dennis Haley

47-John Pickens

MLB 51-Vilma 53-Barry Gardner 52 K.Wright

43-Ryan Myers

WLB 50-Barton 57-McClover ?-Mondoe Davis

LCB 29-Abraham 24-Mickens 34-Justin Miller

SS 25-Tongue 38-McGraw 42-R.Washington 41-Andre Maddox 31-Carl Kearney

FS 26-Coleman 20-Pagel 45-Oliver Celestin 37-Kerry Rhodes

RCB 36-Barrett 21-Strait 32-Darrien Johnson

----------------------------------------------------- THE SPECIAL TEAMS

P 4-Micah Knorr 7-Ben Graham

PK 1-Mike Nugent 3-Xavier Beitia

LS 85-Dearth

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