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picks for rest of season.


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tell me what u think

week vs prediction record

3 miami nyj27 phins10 1-2

4 @buffalo nyj17 bills 13 2-2

5 @nyg nyj20 giants 13 3-2

6 philly nyj27 philly 24 4-2

7 @ cincy nyj24 cincy 30 4-3

8 buffalo nyj 30 bills 24 5-3

9 washington nyj 27 skins 30 (OT) 5-4

10 BYE none 5-4

11 pittsburgh nyj 28 pitt 25 6-4

12 @ dallas nyj 21 boys 24 6-5

13 @ miami nyj 31 phins 20 7-5

14 cleveland nyj 24 browns 13 8-5

15 @ new england nyj 20 pats 23 8-6

16 @ tennessee nyj 17 titans 14 9-6

17 KC nyj 23 kc 13 10-6

That last win gets us in the playoffs as the 6th seed

1st rd playoffs we beat san diego

2nd rd plsyoffs we lose to indy

indy beats pats

indy wins super bowl again

tell me if u think im crazy or its very possible.

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We're going to have a hell of a time with both if the run D doesn't improve. Those are two teams that will probably run the ball down our throats.

Id be a heck of a lot more worried about Pittsburgh's running game.Their O-line will blow up our defence.

Im pretty sure our D can find a way past taht guy, whats his name?? .....

....Pete Kendall. :blowup:

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