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to all the TOBIN jet fan posters


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For those who posted at Tobinforums.com..Henry lost his brother an HE himself has had a stroke....

I spoke to Henry today...He appreciates all the calls ..thoughts-n-prayers

One thing he asked ,,,IF everyone could give him a few days...(his sister is overwhelmed with calls etc) and he asked that everyone give him a couple of days before calling. He will post as soon as he can.

He appreciates EVERYTHING. Jet fans are a true family and he will be up to phone calls / emails etc...in a couple of days...

He really sounded in good spirits considering EVERYTHING...but give him a couple of days.

I have never met him an When he called me tonight I felt like he was part of my Family..FOREVER JET FANS....God Bless you an your family.....


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God Bless to Henry, and of course we wish him well. Bren, when the time is right, can you post his E-mail?


I want to thank all of you bastards

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hmhertz Yesterday, 11:52 AM Post #1

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For your best wishes. I appreciate your interest in visiting but it wouldn't be in my best interest. My brother is in the last stages of dying, lucid and incoherent at times. There are nurses and aids around

all the time, with a horse of a dog who goes wild at times it all becomes terribly confusing. I would like to speak to some of ya on the phone but are afraid of being overwhelmed. It's easier for me to compose my thoughts over the phone, I do not have to think and organize my thoughts as I would on the keyboard. Why don't I give out my phone# and give it a try and we will work from there.

My number is .....(pm ME...) If I feel like taking calls but please excuse me If I have to leave. I do not want to be rude


since this post his brother has passed on....

ANYONE wanting his contact info PM ME...

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