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National League Playoff Picture is.....

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A complete mess


Phillies 87-72

Mets 87-72


Cubs 83-76

Brewers 81-78

Knowing the Cubs history I can't say the Brewers are out until the Cubs officially clinch.


Arizona 89-70

Padres 88-71

Colorado 87-77

Wild Card

Padres 88-71

Colorado 87-72

Phillies 87-72

Mets 87-72

Line up for the final weekend

Nationals at Phillies: Philly fans have taken to this team like they did the 93 team. Would not surprise me if the Phillies won all three.

Marlins at Mets: Mets are in huge trouble. Yes the are playing the Marlins this weekend and you would think the Mets should be able to win but right now the Mets can't beat anyone. The Marlins on the other hand are still playing hard and are coming off a three game sweep of the Cubs.

Cubs @ Reds: Like I said previously, until that X appears next to the Cubs they are not in. Coming off getting swept by the Marlins the Cubs need to get their act together real quick. Unlike the Mets though they have a two game lead and with the Brewers playing the Padres the Cubs probably need just to win 1 game in this series.

Padres at Brewers: Padres have won 4 in a row. They should be able to help the Cubs out by knocking out the Brewers this weekend.

Arizona @ Colorado: Probably the best series of the weekend. The Rockies are even hotter than the Phillies right now winning 11 in a row. They need to sweep the D-Backs and probably get some help from the Brewers to win the rest but the Rockies the way they are playing right now should win 2-3 at Coors.

Anybody want to take a stab at how they are going to finish ? I think the Cubs and the Phillies have enough to win their divisions. After that ? I guess the only thing I can say is that we are probably going to see extra baseball before the playoffs officially start.

Looks like a great weekend.

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