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the "time to step up and beat the g-men" potw for 10/4/07

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So .. it is me again.. I am substituting for gb this week .. he will be back with much more clever and witty comments next week.. ! promise!

I am not ready to give up on our boys yet… lets kick some giants tuchas this week! sorry no assists this week.. didnt have the time....

And to the noms…

Originally Posted by Panzer Division Marduk

The thing is, Eddie Vedder caused that train wreck, but he was trying to get someone else. That was just coincidental.

Originally Posted by drago

stupid vedder. i hate watching him sing, every time he sings yellow ledbetter i get a huge boner.

(ummmm.. does tictac know that?)

Originally Posted by ecurb2369

So your saying we should ditch our winning QB for the hope that we MIGHT find one of the FEW QB's that becomes elite? Good logic...

Originally Posted by serphnx

Haha so true. Think the Ravens are kicking themselves for letting Dilfer go for Boller? That was a downgrade for them. How about the Fins getting rid of Fiedler? Oops, haven't won 8 games in a season since! Even average QB play is hard to get. If the Bears can get average out of Griese they will be ecstatic.

My stance is still the same, if Clemens looks like a better option, then he should come in and become starter. Mangini should pull the trigger when that happens and he probably will. It can backfire easily though and that's why Mangini isn't just doing it for the hell of it. Maybe mid-season with the bye week if Chad underperforms to that point, we shall see.

(sooo should chad start or what?)

Originally Posted by drago you know how i know you're gay?

you've been shower captain on a college soccer team...sigh...

Originally Posted by Alk

You know how I know you're gay? You have to make a female alter ego to try to prove otherwise.

(tictac isn’t real???? tell me that isn’t true…I had a spa day all planned with her…)

Originally Posted by timbok's grandfather

who who knows to know will always know to know

Originally Posted by Thor99

I see genius runs in Timbok's family.

(something you can aspire to, thor!)


Originally Posted by Max


Week Three Podcast

Posted on Thursday, September 27th, 2007 in Gregg Hayim, Podcasts

Gregg Hayim is back in the NY Groove. This week he talks about Chad being a leader and looks at the game versus the Dolphins. Thomas Jones, D’Brick and the Dolphins big mistake before the half.

He also takes a look ahead at the game against the Bills. A game that Gregg calls a ‘must win’.

Note: Anyone who is not familiar with podcasts just let us know. Pretty simple though just click on the link above and you can listen to it online. Thanks!

(click away! it is worth it!)


I saw it posted on another board, but thought it was a joke. But then I went out and bought the paper and shoot, they really printed this in the NFL Standings.

AFC East


*New England 3-0

JETS 1-2

Buffalo 0-3

Miami 0-3

• Caught Cheating

(that is really funny! I don’t think you would find the same kind of snappy journalism in the boston globe!)

Originally Posted by Smizzy

You know how I know Ur gay? You bought a Sybian for the Jetnation moderators lounge.

( did you get yours on sale, smizzy? OY!)


Pennington to the Bears ?

It's pure rumor/BS but If you would trade Pennington,what do you want back ?

Originally Posted by BP

Lovie Smith, and throw in Herm as an idiot to be named later.

( I do like the name lovie…. although I do think mr. howell is just around the corner!)



Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

Fine... You know what? Just delete the offical game threads that iv made... Good job ruining any type of fun that i try and have here at jn... good job

Originally Posted by ecurb2369 View Post

Your the one that started the "gameday" thread on the wrong day...

Just sayin...

(was this the beginning of the end of dwc?)

Originally Posted by 124

madmike, I'm ready to hear the excuses after a few weeks ago you were saying Maryland was not a tough opponent for Rutgers.

Oh and please don't bring up Michigan, at least we beat a ranked team this season.

I'm just sayin'.

Originally Posted by madmike1

There is no excuse. They played like utter dogcrap and that will lose you games. They aren't the only good team to lose to a bad team today or this season. Thankfully they will have other chances to win games this season and this game is far from a season killer.

LOL @ you being a Michigan fan and talking crap about Rutgers fans. You didn't go to Michigan, you have no connection to Michigan, you've probably never even been on their campus yet i'm somehow a bandwagon jumper for rooting for the school that i went to for 4 years. There is no bigger bandwagon than Michigan.

(my nephew is a freshman at Michigan.. so very sad..)


Originally Posted by 124

So I guess thousands of people around the nation cannot like Michigan because they didn't attend there? I already stated that I was born in Michigan, so I am a Michigan man. And yes I have been on campus and will be making my first trip to The Big House next season.


Originally Posted by madmike1

If you didn't go to a Michigan and you root for them you're a bandwagoner. Period. You are rooting for them because they have had a great football program for years. Nothing more nothing less.

(too bad some of those players could come back this year .. for a 5th year! OY!)


Penington sucks. if mangini doesnt bench his ass he will get somebady killed with those floaters

Originally Posted by Irish Jet

That was one play this season. Shut your ass up.

Originally Posted by chadharmamoon

go clean your butt hole little kid those dingleberries are stinking up the joint

( ahhh the obligatory “dingleberry” potw nom!)


Originally Posted by anskyruben

An elementary teacher starts a new job at a school in St. Paul, Minnesota

and trying to make a good impression on her first day explains to her class

that she's a Viking fan. She asks the class to raise their hands if they too

are Viking fans. Everyone in the class raises their hand except one little


The teacher looks at the girl with surprise and says: "Mary, why didn't you

raise your hand?"

"Because I'm not a Viking fan," she replied.

The teacher, still shocked, asks: "Well, if you're not a Vikings fan, then

whom do you support?"

"I'm a JETS fan, and proud of it," Mary replied.

The teacher could not believe her ears. "Well Mary, might you explain why

are you a JETS fan?"

"Because my mom and dad are from New York and my mom is a Jets fan and

my dad is a Jets fan, so I'm a Jets fan too!"

"Well," said the teacher, in an obviously annoyed tone, "that's no reason

for you to be a Jets fan. You don't have to be just like your parents all

of the time. What if your mom was a prostitute and your dad was a drug

addict and a car thief, what would you be then?"

Mary said, "I'd be a Patriots fan."

( wow! looks like patriots fans are getting better pedigrees these days!)

Originally Posted by Ghost

I went to log in, and I was on Tabor's username. How the hell did that happen ? Lol

Originally Posted by MrsTaborJet

Something is screwy, he was having problems getting on earlier today. Hmmm.

Originally Posted by Max View Post

That is so weird.

I had heard his problem was getting off.

(you heard nothing of the sort, mr. weblord… you are just thinking of your own troubles.. or should I say jfbm’s! )


Originally Posted by SpartanJet

Why do the Chad apologists take any negative posts about Chad so personally? Its not like he insulted you, he insulted our craptastic pussy armed QB. Get over it.

Originally Posted by Smizzy

Did you just use "craptastic" in a sentence??? POTW NOM!!!

(would dungalicious also get a potw nom?)


Originally Posted by gangreenman

Hey JN, The next time DWC starts a gameday thread nobody respond and mods can just leave it there so we can all laugh it him

(too late.. hes gonnnnnnnne nothing gonna bring him back.. like a steam locomotive rolling down the track….)


Originally Posted by Johnnybones

Pennington just can't get the job done. I feel like we're wasting valuable time standing still by --or maybe even taking steps backward-- by starting him. He throws a nice completion percentage but the guy is just not a play maker.

Watching him play bores me to tears. I'd be so much excited for Jets games if I knew KC was going to get the nod. I want that excitement back.

Pennington is a great guy, but it's time to move on.

(I am sure chad appreciates you thinking he is nice!)


Originally Posted by blackout806

i saw some nice plays to Cotch today but thats it, we barley tried to stretch the field

meanwhile the Bills used LEe Evans perfectly

Originally Posted by Sperm Edwards

I didn't think it was nice the way Cotch almost got his soul beat out of him thanks to a Pennington duck.

( at least he didn’t get goosed by chad.. although that might make him feel right at home at JN)


Originally Posted by sirlancemehlot View Post

Thomas Jones has put up consistently solid numbers throughout his career. He can't move the sticks here though. Penny has always been fairly consistent, but he's not getting to his targets this year. The common factor? The thing we all said we feared even prior to this year's draft. The thing we've been cringing over since the pre-season. The thing we've argued over since the Pete Kendall fiasco. Without time Penny can't throw, recievers can't finish routes and Thomas Jones can't get out of the backfield. Our backs are always touched, tugged or re-directed in the backfield. Our biggest worry in the of-season has become our biggest detriment through four games. The trenches belong to the opposition, always. All the talent in the world is useless with defenders swarming the ball before we can move it. As for the Defense... Same Problem. We do not control the trenches. T. Jones had 1200yds last year. He'll be lucky to crack 900 this season. Penny will be lucky to walk off under his own power. When you start a season with two first year starters (one under-performing), a castoff (Clarke), and a serviceably mediocre Clement, you've already given away your season before the first snap. Mangini did a poor job in regards to this line and now he's paying for it with the rest of us.

(nice to see you posting sirlance.. come around the lounge.. we need some of your humor!)


Originally Posted by Jetcane

That was an aggravating game from any angle. The gameplans on both sides of the ball left a lot to be desired, and the player execution was poor.

QB- Two key fourth quarter interceptions by Chad drailed any chance the Jets had of winning this game. And another thing. After watching the replay, i do not think Chad was trying to throw the ball away on the last int. He threw such a bad pass that is would be just as embarrassing for him to give any other explanation. D

RB- Chad failed to get the running game going against a depleted Bills defense. D

WRs- Is Chad trying to get his best WRs killed by throwing them ducks? D

OL- Chad failed open up holes for the RBs to run through, and couldnt take advantage when the Bills stacked the box. D

ST- Chad missed a crucial FG right before halftime. D

DL- Once again, Chad could not stop the running game or put pressure on the opposing QB. D

LBs- Chad looked bad when blitzing, and Lynch dragged him into the EZ on the TD. D

DBs- Chad could not cover the Bills WRs, who seemed to always be open the seams of the zone. D

Coaching- Chad devised a poor gameplan on both sides of the ball. The offernse is too conservative. The decision not to go for it on first down early was a terrible one. Once again, DC Chad was outsmarted by the opposing OC, who passed much more than the Bills threw the ball. D


Seriously, the team looks terrible, and plays soft. The gameplans look discombobulated, the execution is bad, and the team doesnt play as hard as other teams. A serious shakeup is needed, and that includes playing the younger guys who are going to be here in the future, including the QB.

Stop giving mixed signals and go into full rebuilding mode.

(jc, does that mean you think we are not making the playoffs this year? OY!)


Originally Posted by Boozer76

Playing Chad at QB is like showing up to a war without tanks.

( well if it is the card game, you don’t need any tanks.. )


Originally Posted by DMaynard

Starting Clemens over Chad will not solve all problems. It will make defenses respect his arm, which should open up things. Also, very important since we obviously are not going to the playoffs, we find out what we have in Clemens. If he isn't the long term QB, it is better to know that now than a year or two from now.

There is not much that can be done with the defense. We need some better players. Revis and Harris are good starts. we need some more.

As far as Mangini, I am not ready to give up on a 36 year old HC after 1 and 1/4 seasons. I think he is now a victim of the unexpected success he had last year. Walsh, Parcells and Belichick were not exactly balls of fire in their first couple of seasons as head coaches. You can always find a Norv Turner floating around. Let's see if Mangini has what it takes to get things going in the right direction. It is going to take a few years to make this a SB contender. How Mangini deals with this adversity will tell us a lot about if he is the guy to get that time.

( I just hope he doesn’t gain the weight back.. after all that hard work!)


Originally Posted by Jet27

I was wondering how Joe Willy got in this thread. Joe Willy at 10 (I would bet) had a better arm than PennyBoy. Come on guys.

As for what is going on with Penny, Mangini and the Jets,

First I am Jets fan, if Penny can't cut it, get him on the bench so the kid KC can be our QB now. As for Mangini, he has to show some balls and make decisions he is getting paid to do. Sometimes those decisions go against the grain and are not popluar with us fans, but if he doesn't do a thing, then we would have never known if KC can cut it. Guys we are 1-3, do you honestly see this team winning 9 games and going 10-6??? You have got to be kidding me.

Second, this 3-4 defense is not cutting it...end of story. Either you make some trades and bring in some talented LB's, or you draft...but it's too late for that now. So what do you do? You stack the freakin line and you blitz over and over again. That's what you do.

lastly, This team needs to show some balls and play tough gritty football for 4 quarters, not 2 or 1, but 4. If we get beat after we tried ok, but not like yesterday. Those guys didn't show up (yet again).

(that last paragraph does it for me.. they need to play for the whole 60 mins.. good post j27! )

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Originally Posted by serphnx

lol dude, that WAS him trying to throw the ball away. His arm is just so **** that he couldn't get it out. Read the post game comments, both Chad and Mangini say Chad was trying to throw the ball away on that play. Chad blames the WR in the first INT, saying it was a miscommunication.

Originally Posted by DMaynard

No, no, no, I absolelutey refuse to believe Chad's arm is that weak. He was lying. He was making excuses. High school QBs can throw the ball out of bounds. Captain Hook can throw better with his hook hand. Hanson, the butler played by Chris Elliot in Scary Movie 2, could throw better than that with his "strong" hand.

(well sure.. the hook propels the ball.. sheesh!)


Originally Posted by K-Rhodes25

many teams would wish they had a quarterback like chad pennington-miami, oakland, atlanta, chicago, minnesota, carolina

i still think chad is the way to go

Originally Posted by joiseyjet

And many teams are happy he is the starting QB here, namley the 13 other teams we play this year

(when joisey is throwing at darts at our qb.. you know things are dire!)


Originally Posted by joebabyny

--------------This is a public service message from the office of Joebabyny--------------

It seems today has been just about the most tense day among posters I have ever seen, and it is totally understandable, I mean, a lot of us have invested a lot of our time and thought in this team both this season and for years and years. Some of us have very strong feelings about certain players, some of us just care about any 22 players the Jets put on the field. Some of us have a world of knowledge about this game, some of us have next to none, and most are somewhere in between.

Lets all just remember that while we may have greatly different views from one another, that we all want the same things in the end. And while one of the great things about these boards is to spark interesting debate to either further educate ourselves about the game we love or simply to entertain us, we have to remember that generally we are all adults and these debates should not devolve into personal attacks or insults. Realize that if you state something, you are going to be fair game for someone to reply or comment with their opposing view. Also realize that the way that we become more knowledgeble and better educated is by being open to other views and opinions. Hey, nobody is ever gonna be right all the time, but the smart people are not the people who always assume that those who disagree are automatically stupid.

Anyway, thats all i guess, everyone carry on with expressing your views and opinions because that is what makes all this so great, but know that you are speaking to other people with other views who may or may not agree and they may speak their minds in reply.

All you knuckleheads are great, even the ones i disagree with! lol

(…………. LOL!)


Originally Posted by serphnx

You have to put 4 * around the title but I can understand your fear of asterisks...

( frankly it’s the “@” that freak me out!)



Originally Posted by Steveg

Jets were 2-2 after the heartbreaker 31-28 loss to Indy

Then, 2-3 after the 41-0 blowout to Jacksonville (Talk about despair!)

And, 5-5 after the dumb Chicago loss

Have faith...for some stupid reason I have a good feeling about this weeks game...

(steveg rocks! way to stay positive amongst all the muck here!)


Originally Posted by Max

This is my concern with Mangini right now. He has proved that he can rule with an iron fist when needed. Pete Kendall is proof of that.

But what is the point?

All too often we give them credit for having a plan b when there is none. Kendall wouldn't have been traded if there was no plan b. That is what I thought. 3 days before the opener they were scrambling. This team can't run the ball.

On defense they can't stop anybody. A rookie just torched them. But the 3 - 4 is the way to go.

Belichick didn't do things that way. He would play a 2 - 9 if he had this defense. You can't stop anyone and you can't get to the QB so throw a bunch of guys back there and pray for an INT.

Think outside the box Eric. This is a big week for this regime. If they fall to 1 and 4 by losing to the Tom Coughlin led Giants, things are going to get ugly.

(OY! I fear you are correct oh weblord.. and we don’t need more ugly around here!)


Originally Posted by Bob

Dear Jets,

Please beat those ****sucking, mother****ing, smegma-slurping, ****-eating scumbag New York ****ing Giants. Thanks!

Your pal,


(I totally agree, pottymouthBOB!)


Originally Posted by Jetsfan80

If we can still root for the Jets while David Barrett roams in the secondary, we're all true fans.

(maybe if he stopped roaming and actually did something, that would help!)



Originally Posted by P2C

I am tired of seeing one person singled out for causing this team's failures.

David Barett isn't the problem. Chad Pennington is not the problem. Jonathan Vilma is not the problem. Bryan Thomas is not the problem. Justin McCareins is not the problem.

Have you all forgotten this is a TEAM effort?

Coaches, front office, players and the fans should all be held accountable evenly.

It's not David Barett's fault that any QB facing the Jets has a ****ing lunch hour to stand in the pocket and fire away at will.

It's not Jonathan Vilma's fault that he has unmercifully been shoved in to a piece of **** system we call the 3-4.

It's not Shaun Ellis' fault that he isn't sacking anybody. Would you be able to sack the QB taking on 3 defenders because of the lack of a pass rush?

It's not Pennington's fault he can't step in to his throws. Maybe if he had a pocket to step in to he would throw 5-10 yards further down the field. Maybe if he had an extra second he wouldn't have to check down to his HB every pass play. I like KC just as much as the next guy...but he won't be able to do anything either..as evidenced by his start at BAL. Don't give me he was a GOD in the 4th Q crap..The Ravens D played soft and allowed him time to throw.

Maybe of the coaching wasn't so ****ing predictable a mix of pass and run plays would spread the defense. We would use different packages/substitutions to make the desense second guess what will happen.

You people up north that actually have an opportunity to go to a game..how about you make a little noise? If the Jets are 1-14...you should still scream your ass off in hopes of aiding the opposing offense to make a mistake. When the Jets are down 7-0 everyone files out, and the ones that stay are silent.

Where is your ****ing loyalty people? At 21...I have seen plenty of bad seasons already. FACE REALITY...only 4 games have been played thus far...FOUR. Losing to the Bills was a no-no...but we expected this with the way our schedule started us off.

How about a little faith. And stop blaming individuals for our failures. We WIN as a team..and we LOSE as a team.

Get over yourselves and start acting like you are a fan of the New York Jets.

(pretty smart for a guy who is 21!)


Originally Posted by barton

wow, now you are getting into politics. I'm not touching that one, and no thats not what I mean.


We need Chad to get benched. In order for him to get benched, he needs to bomb it completely. We can only be so lucky if he does that this sunday.


*Chad needs to suck bad Sunday in order to get benched.

Originally Posted by Green DNA

You have completely lost it. You are now officially a lunatic fringe radical. Any Jets fan that roots for the scum sucking Giants to beat the Jets should be drawn and quartered for sacrilege.

(oh maybe that could be something we do at the next JN tailgate! draw and quarter barton! cool!)


too many mikes


Originally Posted by Scott Dierking

Some may disagree, but it is better than too many Dicks

( speak for yourself! OY!)


Originally Posted by Sperm Edwards

Know how I know you're gay?

You like repeating to total strangers that someone told you to "eat a bag of dicks" recently.

(ahhh dwc… poor guy)


Originally Posted by Brenjetsfan

I'm in....


Originally Posted by joebabyny View Post

for the game or the hummer??

(in you dreams, joebaby..! bren is a classy lady )


ok and for todays winner.. I am a homer .. and I also hate to think this season is over.. you got to believe boys and girls… its not over till the zoftig lady sings .. and I aint warming up my pipes anytime soon!

Originally Posted by BReal32

first off, i totally agree that this game sucked.

but you guys are unreal. how long is mangini's leash? are you kidding me? you guys are crazy. this season is not over. it's football. you guys can write off this season the same way that Mets fans wrote off the possibility of the Phillies winning the NL East. but guess what, **** happens. the jets can definitely string some wins together. i know everyone wants to blame this on Chad, but this whole team right now needs to step up. sorry to say, but pennington is still the QB even though all of you armchair GM's out there have him traded, cut or benched. he needs to step up, if he doesn't he's out. but that won't happen unless the Jets are 1-5 or 1-6. this defense really needs to step up. one decent game doesn't let them off the hook just like one bad game from Chad doesn't put him on the bench. the oline needs to give chad a little more time and the RB's a little bigger lane to run. nugent can't, absolutely CAN NOT miss 37 yard field goals. he makes that and this post and these threads might not even be made. i'm putting much more of this loss on Nuge than anybody else.

everyone is looking for reasons to blame Chad or Mangini. blame the whole team. Chad threw two picks with one putting the defense in the position to have to stop them. but they didn't. if chad didn't throw that pick, the bills don't score 7 there. but what about the argument that if the jets D holds the bills to a field goal, the jets win the game. why does no one think that way. it's so easy to blame one person. but each part of the team has the ability to put certain pressures on other parts of the team. in the game today that's what happened and neither side stepped up.

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Some may disagree, but it is better than too many Dicks

( speak for yourself! OY!)

So, the d1cks thing is a chicks thing, eh?


Nice job gg, but me thinks you left out two great potw posts by Bugg and Jetmo on the "other sports" board.

Whatever, just bring me some kugel!


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So, the d1cks thing is a chicks thing, eh?


Nice job gg, but me thinks you left out two great potw posts by Bugg and Jetmo on the "other sports" board.

Whatever, just bring me some kugel!


OY! i thoughti got most of them.. i searched for potw... were they today? or last thursday?

so sorry...

eh.. i am a poor substitute for gb

but i do make an awesome kugel ;) (farfel not noodle)

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It was shawn's post that Bugg nommed on 10/2. here it is:

Originally Posted by shawn306

How many blackeyes is it going to take before Knicks fans say enough ?

Let me be the first

The slam-dunk ruling in Manhattan Federal Court was stunning setback for Thomas and Dolan, whose lawyers were so confident of winning they wrapped up their defense early - and didn’t bother putting their last six witnesses on the stand.

This came from today's Daily News.

Is there a bigger buffoon in sports right now than Jim Dolan ?

A man who has taken probably a billion dollar enterprise in the MSG and has basically run it into the ground. A buisness that at one time not only had the Knicks and the Rangers but at one point the TV rights to the Mets and Yankees as well.

Now look. The Mets and Yankees are gone. The Knicks are an embarassment. The only good thing going on there right now are the Rangers and I can only hope that Dolan stays as far away from them as possible.

The blood and guts of Reed, Debussure, Bradley, Clyde, King, Ewing, Starks, and Oakley have now been replaced by the imcompetence and arrogance of Dolan, Thomas and Marbury.

I hope somehow someway David Stern shows some guts and bans Dolan from having anything to do with the Knicks.

Dolan and Thomas have wrecked a once proud franchise. Toss him the funk out and start from scratch.

Enough. No More


I'll be back in a flash with Jetmo's, just so this week's edition is complete. ;-)

And here is Jetmo's gem, which I nom.

Posted by JetMoses:

15 years ago, I could tell you who the starting five was on every NBA team. Today, I could barely name one or two players, and for some teams, not even one. Some NBA teams I don’t even know what city they play in. So what happened? How did I lose complete interest in the NBA? It didn’t happen overnight. It was a gradual thing. The NBA jumped the shark after the reign of its last dynasty, the Chicago Bulls. It wasn’t enough that the Bulls were so dominant, the NBA would actually change rules, particularly to compromise defensive strategies designed to slow the Bulls offense down. This was great if you were a Bulls fan, but if you were a fan of any other team, it felt like you were being asked to fight with one hand tied behind your back. It was frustrating and demoralizing. The powers that be decided to ride the gravy train that was Michael Jordan, sacrificing the long run for short-term success, integrity be damned. Then there was the constant barrage of headlines such as the charming Allen Iverson locking his naked wife out of the house in a domestic dispute, or Latrell Sprewell strangling his head coach. Then came the infusion of the teenagers, bypassing NCAA eligibility, and the level of play became degraded. The straw breaking the camels back I guess was when Sprewell made his comment about not “being able to support his family” during a contract dispute. I had seen enough. Of course, the NBA today is a laughing stock. It’s pathetic death Knell was losing to Puerto Rico in the 2004 Olympics, in Greece. It’s been reeling ever since, and hasn’t been helped any by recent allegations of sexual harassment leveled against Knicks GM Isiah Thomas, by fired team vice president Anucha Browne Sanders. She has leveled a litany of ugly charges against Thomas. I scratch my head and wonder how either one of them was hired for their position in the first place. Thomas seems downright psychotic. As if the proverbial pig needed another fork in it, the FBI just sent an NBA ref up the river for fixing games. It’s been one embarrassing episode after another.

At this point, many of you are probably asking, “what does this have to do with the Jets” or “what does this have to do with the NFL”? Well, the NFL appears to be slouching in eerily similar fashion. Does the NFL have a dynasty benefiting from favoritism? Check. The New England Patriots have been the darling of the NFL since 2001. And although in the past I would have scoffed at any conspiracy nut jobs who suggested the Pats were guided by the powers that be to their first title due to the events of 9-11, after recent revelations that Bill Belichick violated NFL rules, I’m not so sure anymore. Nothing really would surprise me at this point.

Does the NFL have version of Latrell Sprewell? Where to start? My God, I could swing a dead cat in any direction and I’d hit one. No dead cat available? How about a strangled or electrocuted dog? Check.

Did the NFL change rules to accommodate its dynasty? Well, this is the only comparison that is slightly altered. The NFL did change rules, but to accommodate the Colts, not the Pats.

How about a sex scandal? Sharon Shennoca, meetAnucha Browne Sanders.

Professional sports used to provide an escape from every day reality. I turned to sports to avoid the BS I had to contend with daily. But lately it’s just a case of jumping from a fire into a frying pan. And I’m sick of it. Why watch a game if all I’m going to get is more aggravation? I see teams riddled with dysfunctional and pathological deviants. I go to my crappy job where I’m surrounded by metrosexuals intimidated and terrified for their jobs, and will do anything- and I mean anything- to keep their precious job. I look around me, and I see no integrity left in any of our institutions. Our values, and our culture, have been polluted. At our worst, we glorify cheaters and celebrate illegitimacy. At our best, we simply shrug our shoulders indifferently. Nobody says “I’m sorry” any more. Personal responsibility has gone the way of the dinosaur. What went wrong? That’s another story for another day, but I do see hope that things will change.

There is a rejection of this new, twisted paradigm, and that rejection is reflected in the growing popularity of MMA. Traditional martial arts participants scoff at the MMA and call it “human c*ckfighting”. Initially, I shared this view. But as my own martial arts network expanded, I came to meet these people, and found much to be admired in their spirit and dedication. At heart, MMA aficionados dabble in all martial arts, committing to none. Kung Fu master Allan Lee dismissively refers to this as “chop suey”. But if we dig a little deeper into this sub-culture, we see a group of young men who have had enough of the emasculation of their institutions, and have built foundations and edifices in their own image. Some them have survived a Ritalin saturated childhood, where their “boys will be boys” behavior was practically criminalized by psychopathic feminists. They have come into adulthood still under attack, only now they can fight back, and eager to do so. In a broader sense, martial arts provide the sole remaining place that is uncorrupted by political correctness, pseudo-authority, and social engineering. It provides an island of order surrounded by a sea of chaos. Initially, I was drawn into martial arts (I started out in Tae Kwon Do) for the cardio-vascular workout, but the attraction that kept me coming back for more was the integrity and tradition of the institution (I now train in JKA Shotokan Karate). Karate is the only thing that gives me an honest measure of my worth; everywhere else, the scales have been rigged. In Shotokan, there is no push button advancement. No quotas. No superficial, arbitrary awards. Non-hackers need not apply.

Above and beyond the physical training, there is also a mental and spiritual training. And in that world of Budo, I am beginning to see things clearly for the first time. I’ve crossed the Rubicon; no longer am I a thing that simply stares at life, I am an active participant in it. On the shore I left behind, is the atrophy and ennui of a wasted existence. After this glorious epiphany, the NFL by way of comparison is a complete joke. How could I possibly bring myself to sit and stare at a tv screen for three hours and watch this spectacle of clowns and jugglers? Sure, I’ll still check in, but not with passion and intensity I once had. The NFL has only earned my contempt. It really means nothing to me any more. It’s become an uncanny metaphor of Johnny Rotten’s cheap holiday in other people’s misery.

I know many of you probably feel betrayed by my sentiments. And that’s ok. Change has to come, and more often than not, it isn’t going to be painless. For you too, one day there will come that critical mass we all must acknowledge, and move ourselves in the right direction, lest you continue to suffer on the karmic wheel, holding onto illusions and bad desires. I've suffered enough.


Strive at all times to bend, fold, spindle, and mutilate.

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Great job...

I thought I had my first this week!


honestly it was a tough choice.. i should have really made you the runner up!

(ok.. i am going to edit it and do that.. it was worth it p2c ) ;)

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honestly it was a tough choice.. i should have really made you the runner up!

(ok.. i am going to edit it and do that.. it was worth it p2c ) ;)

Nice job, Bumbelina!...even if you are a dim-whitted chick on a football board.

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That description surely does not fit GG.

She clearly belongs within the quota, on merit!!!

Well, since you have established yourself as a great reader of people and an absolute authority on everything....how could I possibly argue with that.

Again, nice job GG. Bean's leaves his duties is quite capable hands.

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Well, since you have established yourself as a great reader of people and an absolute authority on everything....how could I possibly argue with that.

Again, nice job GG. Bean's leaves his duties is quite capable hands.

Just stating my opinions, as usual. You dont like 'em? Too bad!

Here's another one: sarcastic women are not attractive.

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Just stating my opinions, as usual. You dont like 'em? Too bad!

Here's another one: sarcastic women are not attractive.

....first, that was someone elses line.....second, Sarah Silverman is super demure :rolleyes: .....although having a hot bod helps the acid tongue thing, doesn't it.;)

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This is a hot bod


Sarah is better from the neck up, than from the neck down, imo.

That one could be the most sarcastic woman on the world, with the most annoying voice in the world, with a retahded boston accent and i would not care one once. I'd just gag her as much as possible, quackquackquackquackquack

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Again, nice job GG. Bean's leaves his duties is quite capable hands.

And that is the reason, my dear Garbie, that I feel like I can leave it to greengal without any worries at all. I know that she's awesome, I'm just making it so everyone else can see this, too.

Good job gg, don't put yourself down.

You are exactly correct sir. :D

Nice job,gg. :)

Pinned in your honor.

Congrats to Breal32

Thanks BP - and a big legume THANK YOU to greengal, my hero! :)

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I hope that finding a couple of potw posts from a lesser-known forum didnt make gg feel like a bad substitute. I always think she does a GREAT job when she subs for Beans.

I happened to have read those two posts earlier in the week about the Knicks trial, so i knew they were nommed.

I would have reminded GB of them too, if he had missed them and I knew about them. Actually, i didnt want the two posters to feel that their posts were ignored.

I surely didnt mean to imply that gg didnt do a great job!

Sorry if that was the impression. That was not the intention.

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I hope that finding a couple of potw posts from a lesser-known forum didnt make gg feel like a bad substitute. I always think she does a GREAT job when she subs for Beans.

I happened to have read those two posts earlier in the week about the Knicks trial, so i knew they were nommed.

I would have reminded GB of them too, if he had missed them and I knew about them. Actually, i didnt want the two posters to feel that their posts were ignored.

I surely didnt mean to imply that gg didnt do a great job!

Sorry if that was the impression. That was not the intention.

I hope no one took it that way either, JC - you've been known to point me in the direction of a few "missing" posts from time to time and that is the truth. The other truth is the gg does a great job. She really helped me out big time this week - work and dental work are a lethal combination. :D

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I hope that finding a couple of potw posts from a lesser-known forum didnt make gg feel like a bad substitute. I always think she does a GREAT job when she subs for Beans.

I happened to have read those two posts earlier in the week about the Knicks trial, so i knew they were nommed.

I would have reminded GB of them too, if he had missed them and I knew about them. Actually, i didnt want the two posters to feel that their posts were ignored.

I surely didnt mean to imply that gg didnt do a great job!

Sorry if that was the impression. That was not the intention.

sure sure sure.. trying to show me up.. got it ;)


actually.. the way to be close to insure that a post will get into the running would be to make sure you use the term POTW... saying "great post" isnt enough... i did a search for POTW.. i didnt read all the threads from the last week.. LOL i knowit seems like i am always here.. but i dont havethat kind of time! heh!

as it is... gb deserves great accolades for the hours he puts into this every week! it takes a ton of time!

but jc..i know you are just jealous because i am so popular! :happy0071:

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That one could be the most sarcastic woman on the world, with the most annoying voice in the world, with a retahded boston accent and i would not care one once. I'd just gag her as much as possible, quackquackquackquackquack

....folks from NH, with one year of NYU under their belt, don't usually have Boston accents....just sayin'.

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