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Clemenade - Who's Thirsty?

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holy hell smizzy HE-MAN! ok, now your awesome!

ya know, I watched football for years, never had a favorite team. ever.. untill 2002, when chad took over for the jets. they were just fun to watch and have been since. well most of the time. I never abught jerseys befor or any thing like that, just loved the game of football. now I have more jets stuff then I know what to do with. I never beleived in favorite players till 2002. I couldn't help but root for chad. I've been trying to sit back and think what the old me would do.. well the old me is back though I still love the jets, I'm realizing that chad isn't the ansewer. it sucks for me to say that. just another heart break. but it's time to see what the kid's got. he looked good in the 4th quater against baltimore. and I"d like to see more.

I wish chad the best in whatever he does in the future. hopefully he'll coach somewhere.

so heres my 2 cents, can I get a glass with that?

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