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Three Technician Tackle?


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Hope there is a place for some football questions.

Could you tell me what a Three Technician Tackle is?

Men, i know what a takle is, but ....

Henderson said:

..in a perfekt World Sione Pouha would line up as a nose tackle an D. Robertson as a Three Technician Tackle".

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This probably wont be the best explanation, but its normally called the three technique (Im guessing it didnt translate that way to German).

Usually the Nose Tackle is called the one technique (the hold the fort guy) and the DT or Under Tackle is the three technique (the high-energy, disrupting, speed guy).

Thats probably all you really need to know, but if I remember correctly, they're called one and three because of where they line up in reference to the offensive line. The offensive center's right shoulder is the one. The offensive guard's right shoulder is the three. The three technique tackle lines up a lot of times trying to penetrate off the guard's 3 shoulder.

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