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Josh Beckett's ex to sing National Anthem tonight


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hahahaha damn


Head games? Tonight's anthem singer is Beckett's ex

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Michael K. McIntyre

Plain Dealer Reporter

Country music artist Danielle Peck will sing the national anthem and "God Bless America" at tonight's Indians game.

She will not sing, "Stand by Your Man."

Peck, it turns out, dated Red Sox pitching ace Josh Beckett, who is starting tonight's do-or- die game against the Tribe and who handed them their only loss in the American League Champi onship Series.

They met last summer. They're not an item anymore.

The Indians claim they had no idea of the love connection when they announced Tuesday that Peck would replace Taylor Swift as tonight's vocalist.

"It's an incredible coincidence. Honestly," said Indians spokesman Bob DiBiasio. "This isn't another bug thing."

Midges get all over your skin.

Exes can get in your head.

DiBiasio said when Swift couldn't do the game, a country music booker recommended Peck, a rising star in the industry. She's from Coshocton and has a hit single, "I Don't."

"She's from Ohio. Her entire family are Indians fans. We did not know anything about her connections to Beckett. The next day, we find out the rest of the story," said DiBiasio. "How are we supposed to know who Josh Beckett dates?"

We'll take the Indians at their word.

But it's no secret that Beckett also has dated actress Alyssa Milano and model Leeann Tweeden.

If Tweeden models "Mrs. Sizemore" shirts on the scoreboard and Milano throws out the first pitch, we'll know the games aren't just on the field.

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Damn that is pretty good.

Someone should get Bridget Moynahan to sing at the next Pats game.

I just googled her out of curiosity. She's beautiful. Man, rich jocks sure do get the cream of the crop as far as beautiful women go.

Quick story -

Pats plane to Cincy: On plane movie was some flick with Bridget Moynihan in it. As soon as the movie started, someone was heard saying "oh sh*t." The movie was turned off soon thereafter.

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