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AthlonSports.com : Herm #6 best coach in the game


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1. Bill Belichick

Has won 3 out of 4 Super Bowls and a better postseason record than Vince Lombardi..

2. Andy Reid

No Super Bowl title yet, but Eagles are constantly knocking on the door.

3. Bill Cowher

His long run in a league that chews up NFL head coaches is extraordinary.

4. Tony Dungy

It's not all Peyton and Polian in Indy. He'll get a Super Bowl someday.

5. Bill Parcells

Bloom fell off the rose a bit in Dallas last season, but he can still coach.


Underrated, but has Jets poised to do some big things in 2005.

7. Mike Shanahan

That 49-24 loss to Colts in playoffs last season was rather painful.

8. Jeff Fisher

Finally had a major fall in 2004 (5-11), but no doubt he'll rebound.

9. Mike Sherman

Makes some bad decisions, but also not afraid to take a risk.

10. Marty Schottenheimer

There's Something About Marty - he went 12-4 in 04.

11. John Fox

12. Dick Vermeil

13. Joe Gibbs

14. Jim Mora

15. Brian Billick

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This thread is laughable. Tony Dungy over Bill Parcells? :shock:

Definitely agree with that statement. Schottenheimer at #10? While he's not flashy, he's still a very good coach. I like Herm a lot ... very classy coach who gets the most out of his players. He's a good motivator. However, keep him away from picking personnel for his team. His talent evaluator skills are lacking. Also, he took too long to get rid of Hackette. What the heck was he waiting for??? Watch the Jets offense really move this year.

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A guy that i think is underrated is Fisher- barring last year Titans have been good every year

Dungy is like Manning -show me a win in a playoff game before you talk about good or great coaches or players.

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