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I found a Genie and got wishes,please respond....


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Even if you call me a moron, I think this post leaves excellent room for discussion among the Draft experts, the cap experts, and the "Mortenson" types(The "whose realistic and whose a pipedream guys")

I want to hear from you, please, I'm just a dumb fan, born 4 years after Joe signed the contract with Lucifer,who has a short wishlist:

1.Kellen Clemens from here on out - OK, no big shocker, but it's obvious Chad is a beaten man, just look at his face during and after the game. Look at Vinny, Chad is not old. We need him to rest and on the offseason send him to the Old guy from "Kill Bill" who trained Uma Thurman and took Darryl annah's eye out. But we ned to see him start from here out, 1 of 3 things will happen:

  • KC Obviously Sux - 8 games will show if a guy sux. Like if he shows no improvement. Then it's a blown pick and we are in for a firestorm of a draft debate.(I can't even begin to give my opinion on that, we have plenty of time.)
  • KC is capable of playing QB in the NFL with some success - This option also leaves room for fiery discussions. Who do you keep?, Who do you trade? Who do you draft? But at least we have showcased KC for us and the rest of the league(which means, let him air it out and get on some Espn, design a highlight reel,schott,we're1-7).
  • KC plays great, improves each week and is obviously a winning NFL QB - This will give us the most draft flexibility with QB sewn up. The question will go to Chad, is he willing to play back-up(it would involve a pay cut I'd guess) or he's still good trade bait.

2. Harris for the rest of the year - I'm an FSU fan(TCC alum), but I've lived in south Florida a while. I'm explaining why I've had my head up Vilma's a$$. Because I watched him DOMINATE the NCAA in the UM cover 2 the year they destroyed Nebraska in the BCS championship because they couldn't get that option crap around Vilma AT ALL! He was greased lightning and he hit like a truck. Then he came in as a rookie,same exact D as UM and was DROY

and played lights out. I thought we had our Zach Thomas or Dan Morgan or "poor man's" Ray Lewis.

That's why I was heated.... BUT...

This Harris kid may make me forget Vilma. I still want Sutton gone, I still want to play a defense that's right for us, Harris can turn Vilma into trade bait. I think Vilma(on name alone) and maybe a late pick can land us a bonafied pass rusher on the OLB or that NT we so covet,whatta you think?

3. I want Bill Cohwer or any Big Name Coach who has won before in the NFL and is available (I know Cohwer's there, who else???) -Damit, this is NY, remember when we brought in Bill F---ing Parcells? Why? Because this is NY!!! What happened?? 1 half away from the superbowl!

And then, Al Groh? Eric Mangini?

I want What we deserve!!!!!Andy Reid,Cowher, you wanna do the "young,hip" thing, then Gruden! Help me guys. I want a Parcells move again. I want a winner!

OK,OK Fine. IF WE MUST stay with the 11-14 Genius, We need a new DC, just to make a statement, at least.

I mean, I'll give him one more offseason to get us that 350lb NT, that pass rushing OLB, sure up our OL and settle the QB thing. I'll give him a shot, but Sutton must go, someone else needs to be calling and creating formations and blitz packages...etc.

What do you guys think?

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ENOUGH with Cowher and this big name BS. Cowher hitched his wagon to Kordell and Neil O'Donnell! What you makes you think he would not have done the same w/ Chad. Hell, he wanted todraft him if you recall.

He won a bowl because he had Dick Lebeau, Wisenhunt, and a Seattle team that could not stop screwing up. Otherwise he just would have been that guy who coached for a long time in Pittsburgh and even with gobs of talent year in an year out couldn't get his team over the hump. He's so overated I can't believe it. JMO

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If Mangini continues to be an arrogant prick that doesn't feel the need to change when he is getting his arse handed to him. Then yes, a coaching change is in order. Do I think that time is after this season. No, of course not. It's crazy to get rid of a coach after one bad season with the team that is assembled right now.

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