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Dear Fans of the New York Yankees


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Hello, my name is green_blood, and I support this message:

Lets cut to the crap, New York baseball is in decline. The Mets, well, they blow, so lets leave this as a Yankee analysis. Boston just won its 2nd Championship in 4 years, the Yankees were eliminated in the playoffs, again; A Rod jumped ship, and Joe Torre is leaving. Now, I understand that Torre did lose favor with many, and it is understood that he did not produce in his final years. But, is Joe Girardi ready to handle New York? A man who was so tough and strict on his roster of young players, nobodies mostly, that they despised them, even though they produced. The man who argued with ownership, and was fired before receiving his Manager of the Year honors. Now, George isn't in charge anymore, and no one really can tell if his sons will be just like Papa, but could he survive the New York Yankee circus? The Yankees are a high payroll, still mostly veteran team, and barring a larger exodus, Girardi would be managing players that he himself played with, and these players that do not need to be named were fiercely loyal to Joe Torre. Now onto A Rod. Alex Rodriguez rejected a $30 million per year offer to sign with another team, and while he may be critcized for playoff (in)actions, he was still a damn good player that will be missed in the order. Who will replace Rodriguez? Rodriguez leaving sends a message to the MLB league offices, the Yankee FO is not the powerhouse it once was. Yes, Rodriguez's demands are extreme, but imagine A Rod in red, in Boston, knocking home runs out of Fenway and adding another swinger in that lineup. Who will be the Evil Empire? Has Boston usurped the Yankees already? Where will the Yankees be in the division, or even the playoff picture next year? It is still early, but things are not looking on the upside for New York baseball.

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If the Red Sox sign A-Rod I will be beyond shocked.

I will not be surprised if he goes to the following

1) Anaheim: The Angels need someone to go with Vlad

2) Cubs: Possible. A-Rod loves Pinella, they could move him to SS and pair him off with the likes of Soriano, Ramirez and D.Bell they could be devestating.

3) SF: Don't laugh. They have rid themselves of the albatross named Bonds and alot of the money that goes with that. Not as much pressure as in a New York or Boston. The Giants could be a major player.

It is too early to tell what the Yanks are going to do. Hopefully they will go after ballplayers, instead of reputation and hardware. Meaning, go out and get hard nose guys like the O'Neills, Tinos, Posadas of the world.

Talk to me in April when we have a better idea of what they are going to look like. Right now it is way too soon.

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