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Hayden Panet-tear


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Go to Yahoo.com's front page, they have a video of Hayden Pannetiere's animal rights protest of Japanese dolphin hunting. Her "Harrowing Protest" and the sites urgence to watch "Heroes" star Hayden Panettierre tries to stop a Japanese dolphin hunt, but gets hit.", link to animal rights celebrities is the most patthetic I have ever seen Yahoo. Most notable qoute: "I mean if you saw uhh, there was literally one point uhh when they spy out of the water uhh poke their head up and uhh the baby stuck its head out of the water (bring on the tears) and uhh and the fact the baby is no longer with us (raining tears)." Only shows, to me at least, how celebrity activists, though glorified, are just plain idiots. Why should a bunch of idiots clamoring for attention on surf boards, interfering commerce in International waters be forced on people through the media? Usually, I just shrug off media bias, but that was just stupid. The AP not biased--what a joke.

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