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Matt Jones's Fan CLub Invades Jaguars Site. Funny stuff


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It's funny how all of a sudden everyone desperately wanted to find the next Antonio Gates.

Well, I guess they did, except:

1) Gates was a UDFA, Jones a 1st rounder

2) no one had heard of Gates (except Kent St. fans like myself, who happened to see him play in the 2002 NCAA Tournament). Jones was hyped up weeks before the draft.

3) Jones was the classic workout warrior. No one but the Chargers even saw Gates in a workout

4) Jones played college football (and not spectacularly either). Gates did not play a single down of football for the Golden Flashes.

5) most importantly: Gates is a bonafide stud, and arguably the best receiving TE in the NFL at this point in time. Jones? Time will tell, but I'd have to say that, for all the hype, he really didn't perform or produce that well for Arkansas.

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