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Best college basketball game for 360...


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good stuff heelz.

here's another review I just found on IGN


The game looks awesome, especially this part...

Of course, you're not simply going to be pulling out three pointers or running up and down the court on fast breaks during the entire game. Running plays and adjusting to offensive and defensive sets are key to your success. College Hoops 2K8 will feature the PlayVision feature from this year's NBA 2K8, allowing novices to see exactly where they need to position their guards or forwards to successfully run a specific offense. There will be 100 separate offensive and defensive plays included in the title that you can run, but if you don't like any of these, you can also try the brand new Play Designer feature to create your own half court sets on both offense and defense. Here, you can set everything from pick and rolls to zones and even how long a point guard will hold the ball before starting the assigned play. The only limitations on the number of steps you include are the remaining seconds on the shot clock, so you can make things as complex or simple as you want, and even test these out in a practice gym against opposing teams to check their effectiveness on the court.


you'll now see a new mechanic for halftime adjustments from your coach, who will break down what you've been doing right and wrong during the game and give you a chance to fix these problems. For instance, you might find that some player is getting too many shots in the low post, or your press defense isn't working the way you want it to. Effectively fixing these can possibly give you an edge in the second half and give you a chance to win the game. However, these adjustments will also be commented on by the new sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson, who replaces Bonnie Bernstein this year. It's a nice inclusion, and there will be hundreds of different things that Tracy will be able to say during her reports on what you've changed and not changed.

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