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Fake Rumor: Tom Brady Suspended


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Several readers are reporting to me that the Opie & Anthony radio show is reporting that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady failed a drug test.

I don't buy it at all, and if there's a joke buried in there somewhere, I don't get it.

It sounds like they're just trying to gratuitously stir the pot. If Brady had failed a drug test, Opie & Anthony wouldn't be the ones breaking the news.

UPDATE: Other readers are telling me that Opie & Anthony do something like this every Tuesday, and it's all fake. I suggest that they report next week that Terry Bradshaw is dead.


Never trust anything from Opie & Anthony.

They think spreading false rumors is funny.

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I heard on the radio this morning that he failed a drug test and will be suspended for 4 games. I am suprised no one on this board has anything posted. The word is supposed to be slowly leaking out.

Nobody else said anything because everyone but you realized it was complete BS.

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