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Let's be serious, if there is gonna be a new mod....


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It should be me, the People's Champion, joebabyny! LOL. I mean come on, eventually the site will be big enough that we will be able to secure corporate sponsorship money and sorry guys, but with those sexy custom jets jersey minidresses you man-girl's like to wear around the office, you aren't gonna get any respect as a sports forum in any business meeting.

And hey, while the weekly JN mod gangbang is going on someone has to be manning the controls here, it might as well be a straight guy who doesn't mind not being included in your "male bonding activities."

Also, my finely honed skills from all those years in the school AV club, and mastery in the tech forum would be a welcome addition.

Besides, it's time to inject a little testosterone into this bird and watch her cook!!

Can I get an amen????

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