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the queen had his now its DP'S


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DP with a shutout against the Devils tonight!!!!

26 saves.

Woo Hoo!!! 3rd place in the division! 6th in Conference! Mediocrity here we come!!!

(well, the rangers are tied for 1st, but 5th in conferece, 3 pts ahead of the fishsticks..)

Yea and we have games in hand on everybody in the conference. 3 games in hand on the Blewskirts.

See ya Monday night at the Sexual Harrassment Garden.

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Islanders thank the Ranger fans for giving you sellouts at Nassau mauseleum.

Islanders... 90.5% full. avg. 14750 18th in league in % full ahead of Detroit, NJ,St. Louis, Boston, Chicago... not bad for a pathetic franchise.

game 1- (buffalo)-16234 (100%)

game 2- (washington)-16234 (100%)

game 3- (rangers)-15295 (94%)

game 4- (devils)-14092 (86.5%)

game 5- (carolina)-13136 (81%)

game 6- (lightning)- 11008 (67.5%)

game 7- (pittsburgh)-16234 (100%)(i dont care what the #'s say, I was there, it wasnt a sellout.)

game 8- (rangers)- 15158 (93%)

game 9- (devils)- 15361 (94%)

Rangers dont even sell out the place anymore...

Not bad #'s for a pathetic franchise....

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