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Ashley Olsen Dating Lance Armstrong???

Lil Bit Special

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JGB..Let's get some facts straight....

Lance had cancer BEFORE they met. In fact, they met AFTER his chemotherapy, and the cancer was in remission.

The divorce was mutual and amicable. As a matter of fact, Kristin says it was her changes that led to the breakup.

So, before you jump over totally to the "Men are Evil" side, read a little. You really have gotten yourself in way too deep. Put down the Cosmo. Turn off the Kerry Underwood CD. Erase all the "Grey's Anatomy" episodes on TiVo. That is just a start.

OH, and for the pervs here:


Nice post and even nicer pic GM. ;)

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that peg-leg pirate hooker should die, lol

:rl: She's always complaining about all the publicity and such yet her face is constantly on TV with her complaining which keeps the fires going. She should just STFU for awhile and let things cool down. She does dance pretty well for a peg legged pirate, I'll give her that. :biggrin:

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