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Is a wild card still a possibility?


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What do you think? Can the Jets do the impossible and win a wild card spot this year?

The best we can do is 8-8, which means we have to run the table. I am sorry but I just do not see that. That does not mean it can happen but it is highly unlikely

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We were mathematically illiminated last week. Sorry, but wait for next year, and chear for Kellen.

They were ill. But they were only eliminated from the division, not the wild card. OBVIOUSLY they are not in contention for it.

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Only if the NFL discovers how the Patriots are cheating now and disqualifies them. But that is highly unlikely as the Pats are using state of the art technology that Kraft bought from Bill Gates using Ollie North to broker the deal.

It has to do with a time warp transpossium.

They have a camera that puts them 4 seconds ahead of real time.

That's why the NFL destroyed all the evidence.

Top secret stuff. Lil Bills "Hoe" Sharon worked for the defense department last summer.

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We obviously have to win all of our games to end up 8-8. Our record would be 7-5 in conference. We beat Pitt, will beat cleveland, Tenn, and KC, Miami and NE.

Jacksonville or Colts will likely be the first wild card (both should get 9 wins easily)


Our division Pats have won the division (almost...) Bills (5-5) need to end up 7-9 or worse.

We need Baltimore or Cincinnati to win the North division and Pittsburgh and Cleveland to end up 8-8 and in wild card race.

South- Indy (8-2), Jacksonville (7-3), Tennessee (6-3 pending mon nite) and Houston (5-5) are going to be tough to beat.

West- SD (5-5), Denver (4-5 pending mon nite), KC (4-6) and Oakland (2-8). One of them has to win the division. Would rather have SD or Denver win division and KC 8-7 or worse heading into final game.

Right now the scenarios are still up in the air, but as long as we end up tied with teams we beat or have the better conference record we have a chance. But we must win every single game. And 5 of our last 6 games are against teams in "contention"

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