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How to start a forum


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Hey, as some of you may know, I originally agreed with this guy named Chad to help him out with a forum he was starting.

Its been about a month now and the site is starting to get more and more traffic, and I feel like ive been a big part of that.

All of a sudden, the idiot decides to remove my mod status because I apparently had 'abused my power since day 1' but is then gracious enough to say 'your welcome to remain here as a normal poster...'

I sent him a PM telling him why i thought this move was unfair but I doubt anything will come of it....


I decided that it would be a good idea for me to start my own political forum and kick his puny board's little arse. (sound familiar?:))

Anyway, ive encountered a slight problem, I dont know how to start a site. Anyone here that can help?

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I just got done creating a site.


I have literally just created it so I havent done much to it yet.

If any of you want to help me out (and know how to), I can give you mod status as compensation.

Or if you dont know any more than I do, you can help out by simply clicking on the above link and joining.

Thank You.

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