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Houston Nutt?

What is that guy's deal anyway, MAN THE **** UP. Little *****, when he finally gets a good win, he announces that hes gonna quit. At least now he could can get me a chicken sammitch and some waffle fries, FOR FREE.

Major Applewhite to Syracuse is my pipe dream.

If you knew anything about the SEC and Arkansas in general then you'd know why Nutt resigned. As far as Applewhite to SU ? Dream on, he's in his 1st year as OC at Alabama. He isn't going anywhere to be a head coach yet.

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Grobe is new Razorback coach

Wednesday, Dec 5, 2007

By Harry King

Arkansas News Bureau

FAYETTEVILLE - Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe is going to be the next football coach at the University of Arkansas and is likely to be introduced on Thursday.

I am still leaning with Ferentz to Michigan...

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