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win one for the Meast

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"Win one for the Meast"

Former Washington Redskins,corner back Sean Taylor called him self "half man,half beast",resulting in the nickname : Meast.

He was a beast,as in his three seasons with the University of Miami,as he won a National championship as a freshmen,played dominate in his second season,and in his third and final season with the University of Miami he won the Big East Defensive Player of the Year award,and was a first-team All-American.

Taylor skipped his Senior season in college to play pro. football,and was selected fifth in the 2004 NFL draft,by the Washington Redskins,Taylor turned out to be a steal ; signing a seven year 18 million contract with the Redskins,a player the Redskins could build a defense around.

In Taylor's rookie season,he started thirteen games as the starting free safety,had four interceptions,and eighty-nine tackles,but also was accused of spitting on Bengals Wide-receiver T.J. Houshmanzadeh,but was later proven false.

2005 was a great season for Taylor,intercepting two passes,and forcing two fumbles,he became recognized as one of the hardest hitting players in the NFL.

In the 2005 wild card game,Taylor returned a pass for a touchdown,which would win the game for the Redskins,but he was ejected for spitting on Michael Pittman.

Taylor continued playing fantastic in 2006,but was inconsistent missing numerous tackles,but he had 129 tackles,one interception,and three forced fumbles.

Taylor was named a first alternate to the NFC'S pro bowl team,but when Brian Dawkings choosed not to play in the Pro Bowl,Taylor reached his first and only NFL Pro Bowl.

Taylor had many legal troubles,but worked through it,to revive himself,as in 2006 his baby girl was born,and from there Redskins teammates describe him as "a changed man".

On November 26,2007,Taylor was shot in the upper leg,by a intruder in his home,the bullet struck an artery in his leg,his girlfriend tried to call 911 from the homeline,but it had been cut,she then called it from her cellphone,which delayed response from authorities.

Taylor was brought to the local hospital,where he underwent surgery,he lost a tremendous amount of blood,and remained in comma,later that day Taylor woke up from comma for a short time,grabbing onto a nurses hand,then quickly fell back into comma.

Early November 27Th,Taylor died from his wounds.

Taylor will be remembered as a Great player,a Pro Bowler,a Meast,a Father,a Son,and a Teammate.

Taylor in his career had 299 Tackles,12 Interceptions,8 Forced fumbles,and one Pro Bowl.

The Redskins play the Buffalo Bills on December second,so lets root for the Redskins,and lets say "Win one for the Meast".


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