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Only two of the so called "experts" from ESPN are picking us to win....


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all those 3 point losses. the phins are outscored by 94 points, we've been outscored by 97

3 points is not a lot to justify something like that. Also, you want to play the "they've played people closer" card? Well how many times have they led at halftime? The Jets have played good enough to have won another 3 games if they didnt fall apart in the 2nd half or make dumb mistakes against what those same experts call good teams(Giants anyone?).

The Jets are the better team. Teams that "play everyone close" pull a game or two out by the time you're 11 games in. Not only can the Dolphins not finish, they barely start.

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bragging about being better than a 0-11 team is sad

Yes...you got me...i was bragging:confused:

I stated a fact that we are better than them, and that they are a horrible team. I also showed why you're wrong in that they should be "respected" more, or whatever it is you're trying to argue.

Dont try to deflect just because you were proven wrong.

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all those 3 point losses

Out of our games we could/should have beaten:

@Baltimore (J-Mac dropped a pass to send it to overtime)

@Buffallo (Nuge misses a crucial chip shot FG, Penny throws a stupid pick when we're like 5 yrds out of FG range to tie it)

vs NY Giants (Had a 17-3 lead entering the 3rd quarter. Penny threw the worst pass of his career in the red zone giving the Giants the ball back. One Andre Dyson tackle later the Giants are in the end-zone.

vs Philly (4 chances to get in the end-zone to tie it, terrible play-calling leads to turnng it over, another game we threw away.)

@Cinncinatti (Again we get a big lead, then we start to get conservative and the Bengals come back to win. Again another game we should have won.)

vs Washington (same story, big lead and our offensive playcalling gets conservative, we had a 17 frickin point lead and were like 6 or 7 yards away from FG range in OT.)

Please dude, don't get me started on close losses, not to mention we have 2 more wins than them. One win over the Dolphins themselves and the other of a team that beat them.

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