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First Six Minutes of 'The Dark Knight' Revealed (SPOILERS)


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So apparently they have screened a 6 minute short film from the Dark Knight which will air before the IMAX screenings of "I Am Legend" next week. I don'tk now whether this is the beginning of the film (i think it is) or just something by itself. But it sounds badass. I'd want to go see I Am Legend just to see this preview.


This is taken from darkhorizons.com

A bank heist is really the only way to introduce the Clown Prince of Crime.

It starts off with a breathtaking shot of Gotham City in broad daylight. The camera swoops into this big glass skyscraper the way only an IMAX movie can. It was stunning. Then BOOM! One of the windows in this big glass skyscraper is blown out. It then cut to two thugs in ugly clown masks (the ones we saw in the first publicity stills that were released months ago) shooting a zip line down to an adjacent rooftop.

Cut to the street as we see another thug waiting on a street corner with his clown mask in his hand. We

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