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****The official I'm giving out rep for Christmas Thread****

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Post in this thread if you want some love from Santa BP. :character0181:

I will be giving out rep for the next 2 weeks leading right up to Christmas day.

Merry Christmas to my fellow JN posters! :xmas:

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I'm all caught up, everybody has been repped. but nobody has been repping me in this thread.

the sad thing is.. this is the only way i have gotten rep for awhile. OY! too bad bp isnt giving out potw noms for christmas

sounds good.


La Chaim! \:D/


Lay it on me!!!

You got it sweetie! :D

What if one does not celebrate Christmas?

Do you give negative rep and an ass-slapping under the mistletoe?

No negative rep on Christmas, it's all positive! :cheers:

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