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Championship Game, who to play?


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The format for my league is:

QB - Matt Hasslebeck

2 RB - Marion Barber, LT

3 WR - Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald

RB/WR Flex

TE - Vernon Davis

K - Mason Crosby

DEF - Tampa Bay

I am not sure who to play in my Flex or 3rd WR slot.

On the bench I have:

Chester Taylor - not expecting him to do much

Berrian - Is Orton still the starter?

Issac Bruce vs the Steelers?

Darrell Jackson vs the Bucs?

Brandon Stokely knee is hurt

Javon Walker - not doing much

Ernest Wilford vs the Raiders.

League offers PPR. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Either Taylor or Berrian. I'm not sure why the other options aren't free agents.

This is a 14 team league. The FA pool is very shallow. I just picked up Jackson and Wilford thinkin that they might provide some assistance for the final game.

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