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Happy Birthday 4HCrew!!!


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do I get a free beer if I do that? how about a jetnation t shirt? or does that come after writing 100 articles just kidding.... yes it was a long happy hour

Happy Birthday Tyson.

I have a free t-shirt for you. I will give it to you at the Chiefs game!

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You're a jag-off - I beg and beg and would give JN promotional coverage in the midwest and nada :P

Happy B-day Tyson!!!

I hear you John...I take the entire JN road crew under my wings, show them a good time, have Brenda pasing cards out all along Ft Lauderdale and what do I get? a link to BUY a t-shirt...but its cool,, you have to keep in mind who runs this place......:box:

Hope you had a great day Tyson. many more

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