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Clinton falls asleep during several speeches

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Bill Clinton caught on camera sleeping at a Martin luther King Jr. Speech given by none other than MLK's son. Also at Ronald Reagans Funeral. Good stuff :P


You're not getting political here know are you?;)

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The thing about Reagan's funeral is a lie, based on a still photo taken when he and Hillary had their eyes closed during a prayer.

He sure snoozed during that service on Sunday, though.

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After sitting thorugh another million or so boring meandering pointless speeches-can you blame him?Though the one time I saw him speak in public last spring, he apparently has no editor, either.Payback's a b!tch. The only memorable thing he has ever said is "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky."Bill Clinton would sleep through most of Bill Clinton's speeches.

Newsflash to all public speakers-brevity is indeed the soul of wit. The Gettysburg Address lasted about 4 minutes and could fit on 2 double-spaced pages;10 sentences, 272 words. yet we are subjected to overstuffed messes of rhetorical excess at every turn.

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