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DP in the AllStar game

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I know he gave up the fastes goal in the ASG history, but unless ovechkin nets a couple more, or one of the goalies shuts out in their period DP should get MVP. He was making Brodeur like saves at times, and if the analyst wasn talking to him on that breakaway DP wouldve shutout the west.

I want to hear what Ranger fans can say about DP now.

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This kid is 13 and already is queer. As soon as he's out of school he's going to be the top choice for the next JN mod. He'll have years of **** sucking under his belt to please Max.

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Well congrats to DP for playing well in an utterly meaningless event. Lundqvist obviously deserved to be in the game as he had better stats in every single category over DP. But it's better that Henrik got the rest anyway.

Also as long we're pretending to mean the All-Star events mean anything, Brandon Dubinsky showed off his skills in the Young Stars Game with 2 goals and getting the MVP. Marc Staal also scored a damn nice goal.

And if hockey is so meaningless how come you guys keep posting in hockey threads? :)

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