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Got this today from the JETS.....


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Dear New York Jets Season Ticket Holder:

The Jets value the feedback and support of our

fans. With the help of the National Football League, we are

working to ensure that we are meeting your expectations in

every way. Because your continued support is so important

to us, we need to hear your voice!

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we invite you to

share your thoughts with us by completing the following

survey. Please take the next 15-20 minutes to express your

opinions on a variety of subjects relating to your game day


To access the survey click here:


If your e-mail program does not support links, copy and

paste the web address into your browser. All responses will

be kept completely confidential.

SORRY MAX...you need YAHOO to to this....:love0038:

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One of my responses..

Honestly, this team needs to show its long dedicated fanbase that it has a commitment to winning that transcends all the front office rhetoric. The Jets need to do a MUCH better job infusing talent into the organization, especially via free agency. This means you, Mr. Tannenbaum. I know you like to say you've had a hand in every cap decision since the Bradway era, but where are the positive results? The Jets have consistently failed to bring in outside talent to positively affect the team. The Curtis Conways, Kimo von Oelhoffens, Justin McCareinses, James Darlings, etc. etc. etc. of the world will no longer cut it. In 2008, a year where the Jets (considering they make the appropriate cuts, which are many) should have a tremendous amount of salary cap room, will be a huge measuring stick of how much this organization really cares about winning, and by extension, its fanbase.

Furthermore, if the New York Jets want to make its fans feel more valued, it should do everything in its power to assure the avoidance of Personal Seat Licenses from the new stadium project. The Jets and Giants play in the biggest football market on the planet. They are also sharing the costs of construction. There is virtually no reason why Personal Seat Licenses should be implemented. Oh, and as an aside-- how about making our parking permit prices EQUAL to the ones paid by Giants fans? Is that too much to ask, Mr. Johnson?

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I voiced my ANSWERS...I'm sure Joisey has his PSL's in there!!!! lol\\:D/

I told them to bring back the frisbe dogs at halftime for you Ty

Not yet, but you can count on it ,everyone should post their feelings about the PSL`s along with any ideas to raise revenue to be used to offset the PSL`s ,which I have a number of ideas . thanks for post this Bren ,only thing is you should make this a sticky thread...

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is there somewhere in the questionaire that I can suggest a topless bar inside the stadium or that the flight crew integrate thongs into their costume changes?

I here Brenda & Woody are going in as partners on the Topless Bar inside the stadium ,they just seem to be arguing over the name of the place Woody wants to call it Stiff Woodys, & Brenda argued to put it by gate D since there is a cliental there already and call it Gate Double D`s

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and with the way the Jets handle things will probably take two years to tally the results

Look on the bright side it might be 2 years now before you get your PSL bill instead of next year ,of corse the down side to that is then the cash may be due right away instead of giving your a years notice to find away to raise cash to pay for this thing..

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Well, I made my point to them. keep it affordable for the average fan and stop kissing corporate ass or in 10 years when we continue to suck the stadium will be emptier than the KC game.

I also told them all the extra crap they have added is worthless. We only have 8 games a year. We dont need to be distracted during the games with stupid trivia questions and funny graphics and girls doing a dancing routine but cant figure out how to do the jets cheer after a TD or FG.

I told them I was there to watch football and tailgate with family and friends. I told them it was important to have a lively crowd where I once again made some rude comments about corporate guys.

I also told them they will lose me as a season ticket holder and very likely will see my interest in the jets decline significantly if they impose a PSL.

Other than that, I told them everything was great.

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