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Would you make out with your sister?


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Meet Chyler Leigh from "Not Another Teen Movie" and now "Grey's Anatomy"


Now meet her brother, Chris Lee. He is a Power Ranger.


No big deal. A brother and sister who both act. But, wait, there is more!

They were in the same movie together back in 1997. A crappy movie called "Kickboxing Academy"

Big whoop.....

Oh, and they played love interests. Oh, and they made out several times in the movie.


FF it to 3:30


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I had a chance to make out with my buddy's sister and I couldn't do it. It was his face with long hair and a set of knockers. If she was smokin' it would have been a no brainer, but she was borderline so I passed, and we all know how hard it is to pass on anything when you are 18.

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