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Hey toon88


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I know about that and I just don't understand how that has happened. The Atlantic Division is ridiculously close right now so I'm sure the last 30 games or so are going to be a lotta fun.

the rangers have played like three more games than anyone else so the pressure is on for them to keep winning.

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How about those Devils? ;)


eat me joseph! :winking0001:

everytime they play I wonder 2 things. 1) why aren't the Rangers better, they look so good against the Devils. 2) DAMN, the Devils are slow!

their lack of speed outside of 1 line will be their downfall. No Pandolfo hurts them more than most people think, but they get hurt against the quick teams either way.

worst part of it all was the 10K Ranger fans I had to deal with last night at The Rock. :dohslap:

lastly...F U JOE!!!!

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