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Let's play the game...ESPN Top 10 reasons...

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9. God said "Thou Shall Not Cheat"

8. To quote Mickey Goldmill to Rocky Balboa from the original Rocky (and directed at Tommy "GQ" Brady who just learned it the hard way...."WOMEN WEAKEN LEGS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope she was worth it last night Tommy Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Never in a million years did I think I'd have a problem motivating a team heading into the Super Bowl," said Patriots coach Bill Belichick. "Gisele opens her big mouth and look at 'em -- half the guys are staring into space, the others are leering like they've just stumbled onto their uncle's private porn stash. And who can blame them -- that's one fine specimen. But this is a completely new wrinkle ... though wrinkle is probably the wrong word, as I've seen Gisele in a thong, and trust me, that butt's tighter than a fine-tuned snare drum."

2) Bill Belicheck forgot that he only accepted homosexuals on his team

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