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Ahh..A Pats-free board

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It was great at the bar in Seattle as well. There were like 5 women, all around 39 or 40, who cheered everytime Brady did something good. There were also a couple of other Pats fans and a few Giants fans.. But the Giants fans were a lot louder than the Pats fans..

And when the Giants scored in the end and won, the Pats fans quickly left the bar. It was great.

I talked to some guy who lived in NY 8 years ago and was a huge Giants fan.. He was giddy about the win... This will probably be the only time I ever root for the Giants, but I was a happy man leaving that bar after 6 rum and cokes that's for sure. At least the 100 bucks I spent was worth it to see those Pats lose.

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