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when you got the rep...

johnny green balls

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my parents always used to tell me that your reputation was your most important possession. if you have a good rep, you'll get the benefit of the doubt and people will usually require proof before accusing you of something. when you have a bad rep, every time something goes wrong people look at your suspiciously. you're constantly in fear that you'll get blamed for something you didn't do.

the patriots' "vehement denials" that they filmed the rams '02 walkthrough are laughable. it's pretty funny that they think anyone is falling for their manufacturered outrage. even if the allegations prove to be unfounded, no one will have sympathy that the pat's were falsly accused. oftentimes, the punishment for a bad act is just the beginning. a poor reputation can follow you for years and it will follow belly for the rest of his career. and a bad rep is not something you can simply walk away from with 1 second left in the game.

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