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How many decorated 19-0 Pats parties looked silly after game?


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I just thought of this..

Remember the movie Dave with Kevin Kline..Well Frank Langella (Bob Alexander) played his chief of staff who THOUGHT he was gonna be Prez after he set up Kline,,L=angella is at a Party in his house watching press conference where he thinks Kline will look real bad,,He has placards and posters all saying 'Bob Alexander for Prez'..

Then Kline does a 180 and basically calls out Langella as a fraud,,camera shifts to Bob Alexanders party with everyone gone except Bob with a floor full of posters...

So how many Pats parties were littered with 19-0 posters, cakes, balloons etc,,How many bottles of champagne didnt get opened in celebration?? How many parties ended with partygoers silently shuffling out the door mumbleing 'Bye Betty, Bye Joe'..

As Louis Armstrong said so well :


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