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music as a soul cleanser...


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yeah i know.. another music thread.

but i wanted to tell you about my experience..

i just came back from doing errands and usually i listen to either cd's or ESPN radio ( believe it or not, i really DO love sports :rolleyes:) anyway.. today i decided to give the radio a shot...

i came up with an ecletic mix and i realized how much music moves me..

first i turned on one of my old fave stations

kashmir.. then

somebody to love .. i realize how much i loved freddie mercury.. his voice is just amazing.

... then i shook it up so i tried an npr station and they had a broadway review goin on and there is this song from the musical "wicked" that was playing called "for good" that makes me cry everytime i hear it. Unfortunately i was in the parking lot of a store at that point and had to compose myself before i went in.. :lol:

then ... when i came out... i went back to another of my old fave stations.. and Come Together was on.. one of my beatle faves..

then i pressed that search button so it goes to the next station..

and it hit one that was play8ing that song with kanye and jamie fox.. gold digger.. that is awesome.. lol. i cranked that so loud. :D

and then to the oldies.. for a little sinatra with "fly me to the moon"

and by the time i was close to home ..i went back to my fave station and it was jimi.. "all along the watchtower" i had it turned up so loud i thought i would blow out the speakers in my car.. heh. i got home before the song had ended so i drove around a bit ;)

anyway.. by no means did i hit even a fraction of the types of music out their but it was fun to shake it up a tiny bit.. i think i will do it more often.. music can just soothe the soul. :D

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this is why I have XM radio -- they have everything for all taste

I can not drive without music -- my wife is the opposite she needs quiet when

she drives and it drives me crazy

I couldn't get a good signal for my Sirius in the car, so I burn CDs all the time for the car. There's always something to listen to for whatever mood I'm in.

I can switch 100 times a day (just like my mood!) from Techno to 70's lite to Hip Hop to Metal... etc.

GG just gave me an idea... I'm gonna blast Led Zep tunes and get my ass in gear today. I'll start off with Kashmir, Song Remains the Same, etc etc. I hope the neighbors can appreciate my choices... it's gonna get loud.

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"Music soothes the savage beast." - Bugs Bunny :P

Holy Hell, I love Bugs Bunny; and speaking of which in the same episode: "Easy there, Gruesome." Sorry, GG. Not an attempt to hi-jack. It just came to mind.

i loveeeeeee bugs! no worries, jp ;) you can always hijack.. and especially with anything bugs or candy corn related. :D

here is one of my faves!


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I have a cardboard box that has at least 150 cassette tapes (I'm 35 people!) in it and I listen to them all the time.

As a kid my family moved at least once a year. It was either a different country or a different state. But when I put one of those tapes in they always bring me back to a good place.

As Smizzy so eloquently stated: "Without music my life would be a terrible mess."

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It didn't work. I was trying to embed a video. I suck.

EDIT: I think I got it. I'm hopeless when it comes to anything remotely techno. I'm surprised I can dial a cell phone without taking a picture of my own tonsils. Not that I've ever done that or anything. :)


So now that I've completely traumatized myself, here's the fuggin' video that I'm about to piss on at this point.

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