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Favorite old TV shows


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The Munsters

1313 Mockingbird lane

I always use that address when a Marketer is hounding me. Granpa Munster was the bomb.

The episode where he gets the hiccups was my all time favorite. it would be like an earthquake every time he hiccuped. grampa hypnotizes Herman and it makes the bolts on his neck glow.

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Taxi was a great show. That was the Sienfeld of its day.

Taxi was a great show for sure. Many of the actors from there went on to appear in a lot of other shows and movies. I used to love it when Latka switched into his alter ego Vic Ferrari. One time "Vic" is working on a cab listening to a record while wearing head phones. Louie (Danny DiVito) yells for him "Latka" LATKA!!" . After several attempts with no luck he grabs the needle and scratches the F out of the record with it. Vic jumps a mile high and whips off the head phones. You had to see it. Hilarious. :biggrin:

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For me:

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Rocko's Modern Life


Boston Public (Was on in the late 90's, early 00's on FOX)


Wow, I hope these aren't considered "old" yet, lol. I was hoping not to be remembering "old" tv shows for several more years. All good show though...you know who rocked? Stick Stickly!

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