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3rd Annual JetNation Awards winners (2008)


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The results are in for the 3rd Annual JetNation Awards! There were a lot more people voting this year, which is a good thing. We have some returning champs and a few new faces too. Let's start handing out the trophies!

Most Underrated Poster:

There were 24 different votes in this category, so the winner's total was down. The award goes to Drago with a total of 5. Honorable mentions to Kentucky Jet, NightStalker, and Kobe24Jets.

Most Knoweledgeable Poster:

This one wasn't even close. Sperm Edwards ran away with 27 votes. Second place had 3 votes.

Most Annoying Poster:

17 different posters were found to get under our skins this year. Of them, JetsRule128 wins this one. Others that were annoying are MadMike, ShadowJet35, johnnygreenballs, ecurb, and Jetfan16.

Funniest Poster:

Lots of funny posters here at JN! Our fearless leader Max wins with 9 votes. Although I don't think he was trying to be funny.

Best Overall non-Jets Poster:

This was basically a 3-person race. Gainzo defends his title with 19 votes, followed by Alk with 11 and PFSIKH with 8. Sorry your Paties lost, fellas. No not really.

Best Overall Poster on JetNation:

This one was close. Max edged out this one over Sperm Edwards, 11-10. Looks like Max is sleeping on the couch tonight.

Biggest Homer:

Another landslide. BZ wins again with 22 votes. I think we will re-name this the BZ Award next year.

Most Improved Poster:

Another win for Drago with 9 votes. Worth mentioning: 124 won this last year, and had 3 votes this year. Either he really, really improved yet again to lofty heights this year, or he just flat-out sucked two years ago.

Best Avatar/Signature/Photoshop:

Panzer keeps his streak going this year with 23 votes! What do you have in store for us this year, PDM? We can't wait!

Best New Poster:

There were many welcome additions to JetNation this year. Of those, Tictac was voted best new poster with 11 votes, followed by IrishJet with 8.

Thread of the Year:

Lots of different threads were voted for here. Wes Welker?Seriously? wins. The thread that would not die.


JetNation Moment:

A very recent memory, and a happy memory for many frustrated Jets fans. The Pats losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl.

There were many other notable moments this past year. Various bannings, Max coming out of the closet, ecurb closing his store (not a pleasant one). The ones that stand out for me personally are the tailgates. Meeting some great people and just hanging out with 77,000 of your closest friends at a home game. Can't wait for kickoff 2008!

Moderator of the year:

Looks like Max picked a winner when he made BP a mod this past year. He has been a great addition to the team. 20 votes for BP. Congrats!

Lounge Lizard:

The award goes to the Lounge "Kitten" yet again, although she has some company this year. GreenGal had 16 votes, followed by Mrs.TaborJet and SouthernJet who tied with 8.

Chat Room Ruler:

It's free to all who sign up! We have live chats with...wait, the chat room was down for a while there! It's Alk's chat room, and we just visit from time to time. 16 votes for Alk.

International Poster:

We have a great mix of posters from up north and overseas. Of those, Panzer took this one with 21 votes total. Honorable mentions to IrishJet, AirForceJetFan, #27TheDominator, VanDoug, and joewilly.

Former JN Member you would like to see come back:

I'm glad to see who the winner is here. Maybe he will see this and drop by. GOB won with 11 votes.

Best Banning:

This is certainly a buch of misfits on this list. DefenseWinsChampionships is the winner, but only by one vote. He edged out PatsfanTx, 9-8.


and without further delay, here are the Funniest, Best Football, and Best Overall Post of the Year, chosen by JN's own Post of the week guru, GreenBeans. Thanks GB!

Funniest Post: (read it and you'll understand)

Topic: The perfect example for JGB's learning journey in marriage

Originally Posted by Boozer76

This is a true story: My wife and I were at the Home Depot. I needed some grass seed to fill in some bare spot in the lawn. She decided she wanted to tag along: Rule #1-Never let her tag along when you are on a mission to quickly buy a product you need!! Anyway, we go into the HD and I find the grass seed that I want. She immediately questions why I opted for the sun and shade variety that costs $2 more per bag. After explaining that this is the one I need for what I am doing, she says "well what about this X brand rye grass variety?" I explain that it is not good for the purpose I need, prompting her to then look at every other bag and question each, I finally just cave in and tell her the one she picked is the right one (even though I know that it is not going to work and I'll be back to buy the right bag that is already in my hand the next weekend. That is if I go alone!). She sees the look of irritability on my face and explains that she is just trying to learn and "help out". I tell her she's right and made the right decision (a lie) just so I don't have to hear about it anymore. She then says to me "hey, that was quick, do you mind looking at some paint samples with me!!" Since I broke rule number one, I must now endure the consequence. Of to the paint department we go. She picks out 3 different paint samples for the living room. Mind you I just painted the entire living room 3 months earlier in the color she chose, but she's not happy with it. Rule #2-Always find out which choice your wife likes most before telling her the one you like. Agree with her no matter what!! She shows me the 3 samples and asks which I like. I say the green shade. She then says "hmmm, I think I like the blue one best". Immediately recognizing the horrific mistake I just made, I immediately recanted my choice of green and said "blue is best!

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you have my vote!!!!


Bren....You did not win an award?????????

Well i will give you one

Best Jets Fan Evah!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone who spends the time, travel and coin on a 4-12 team and with a such a positive attitude.

Max send this woman the top prize!!!

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At least I got a few votes for best new poster, thanks to those that voted for me. Congrats TicTac on the win.

There were alot of people who I wanted to vote for but couldnt fit everyone into the slots, some well deserved posters shouldve got a runner-up medal or something.

Congrats to all the winners.

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Another landslide. BZ wins again with 22 votes. I think we will re-name this the BZ Award next year.

I agree... this is it. I have won it three years in a row and the competition is thinning out.

I would like to retire and propose the award get renamed, the "BZ Award of Homerism"



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thanks everyone ;) i actually think it was probably closer then the votes indicate.. i had some stiff competition.. i think i got a lot of sympathy votes. heh. :D but thank you so much. you are oh so kind.

anyway.. like bz... i think it is time for me to retire ( just dont take me out back and shoot me .. or set me on an ice flow..) from this award since i have won it the past two years ( maybe all three? i cant remember back that far..i am too old hehe) ...

but that doesnt mean i cant be in the running for other awards next year.. i just want to spread my wings.. :P

thanks tabor for all the work you put into putting together the awards!! you rock! ;)

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Congrats to all the winners. You are all deserving of your awards.

And I especially want to thank all the new posters who have joined over the past year. You guys (and gurls) really injected a fresh voice and opinion into this place. It was getting boring reading the same people over and over debating the same stupid issues.

So thank you for being so involved... you are why this is the best messageboard on the interweb.

And for the other new members who havent had much input, jump in and join the fun. Its not like other places where if you arent part of the club you are shunned. If you can have a semi-intelligent conversation we welcome you... if it isnt football, post about something you know something about.... as long as it isnt politics or religion or male/female relationships.

And thank you to all the mods. Self-deprecating and sometime defecating, you guys do a great job keeping this place in line. With the freedom Maxie gives us, it could very well turn into anarchy. You do a great job.

Oh, and screw all of you who didnt vote for me. Bite me.:P I hate you all.

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To all those that voted for me, it was a nice gesture. I don't deserve to be considered the best of anything. And I fear for the site's long term health if I am the top of any list. But thanks, a$$ kissing is always appreciated. Even when it is blatant.


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