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Jets from seasons past

johnny green balls

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If you could bring back two players in their prime to play for the '08 squad, who would you pick?

i'd go with Namath and Klecko. both fill obvious needs now and would add some color and personality to this team that is completly devoid of personalities. i'm beginning to think that the prototypical "mangini guy" is boring and medicore.

Namath is an obvious choice. some may argue gastineau was more productive than Klecko but Klecko probably would've already made it to the hall if not for injuries.

honorable mentions: riggins, c-mart, maynard, mawae

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Nose Tackle - Joe Klecko

Quarterback - Joe Namath

LG and an OLB who could beat a one on one block and get to the Quarterback can be addressed via Free Agency & the draft (Ryan Lilja / Alan Faneca and Vernon Gholston / Quentin Groves / Chris Long).

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