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Howard wins 10 million in arbitration case


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Howard's $10M win in arbitration sets new high-water mark

Associated Press

Updated: February 21, 2008, 11:22 AM ET

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Ryan Howard won his salary arbitration case against the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday when he was award $10 million, the highest figure awarded a victorious player.

Music To Young Stars' Ears


CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Ryan Howard's $10 million arbitration payday wasn't just a big development for his money-market account. It was a big development for Ryan Braun. And Ryan Zimmerman. And for all of baseball's ascendant young stars -- even the ones who aren't named Ryan.

Until Howard won his arbitration case against the Phillies on Thursday, there had never been a player with two-plus years of experience who had ever been paid 10 million bucks a season. For that matter, there had never been a player in the 35-year history of arbitration who had ever been awarded that much money after winning his case at any stage of his career.

Here's where this award fits into the always-compelling annals of arbitration history:

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