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The "Pay Laveranues Coles" Edition of Post of the Week - February 21, 2008


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Let's see, Laveranues Coles is a:

Team leader - check

Tough player - check

Playmaker - check

Makes players around him better - check

Team guy - check

Do not make the same mistake that was made with Pete Kendall and take care of Laveranues.

Off the soap box and on to the nominations...


Topic: This may be the end for me

Originally Posted by Gainzo

The Patriots released information regarding their 2008 ticket prices today, noting that the increase is their first since the end of the 2004 season.

Here is a bit from the press release:

Patriots season ticket holders will be sent renewal invoices starting next week. All season ticket renewal invoices must be returned by March 31. Once renewals are processed, any available season tickets will be made available to those on the season ticket waiting list. Additionally, a limited number of tickets have been reserved for a general, individual-game sale this spring.

For more information on season ticket renewals, waiting list applications or general information on the team, please visit patriots.com.

Lower Level Sideline -- $169

Lower Level Corner/End Zone -- $117

Mezzanine Level Corner/End Zone -- $117

Upper Level Sideline -- $89

Upper Level Corner (Rows 1-7) -- $89

Upper Level Corner (Rows 8-26) -- $65

Standing Room -- $49

The Patriots'

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Topic: Coles claims he's been lied to...

Originally Posted by shawn306

While I hate the fact that Coles has gone to the media with this there has to be some ground where they can hammer something out. Now I don't have any idea what kind of a new deal he is looking for but with the team 20 something million under the cap, I think he does deserve say maybe a 3 year deal. People here when Mangini came here wondered how Coles would handle it. Well he handled it well enough to be named one of the team Captains last season.

The guy plays till he basically drops, which is alot more than you can say for guys like Ellis, D-Rob, Thomas who basically show up only in the last year of their deal.

The Kendall situation though to me is a little different because you knew this type of situation could occur because of what happend with him in Arizona.

He was a d!ck there and he became a d!ck here.

I wish there about 22 more guys who play the game like Coles on this team. Maybe then we wouldn't be 4-12.

(Editor's Note: The truth and the fact - there are not many guys that put it all on the line like Coles does each week.)


Topic: Dolphins | J. Taylor to participate in Dancing With the Stars

Originally Posted by Thai Jet

I'm just wondering who his male dance partner will be. :D

(Editor's Note: I hear it is going to be Richard Simmons - he like his shorts. Richard%20Simmons.jpg)


Topic: The next generation, God help us all.

Originally Posted by Thai Jet

Today I stopped into Dollar General to grab a few kitchen supplies and an Easter card. I'm waiting in line and there's a kid (male) about 18-20 years old in line ahead of me. He's wearing a gray hoodie (no not Belipricks). In his hand he has 2 small packs of sour candy. He turns towards me, grabs a 4 pack of lighters and sticks them in his hoodie pocket. I'm thinking that he just doesn't want to hold them in his hand. Surely he's going to pay for them because I'm looking right at him and we ARE making eye contact. He places the candy on the counter and as the cashier continues with her customer he looks at me again. I proceed to give him "the look" staring at him, then at his pocket then back to him. He just gives me this brain dead look. Now the cashier is ready for him. She rings up the candy says the amount and he starts to pull out his wallet. "Excuse me" I interupt. "What about the lighters in your pocket ? " "Huh" he mumbles. "The lighters. In your pocket? What about them? " He then puts them on the counter as the cashier screams "GET OUT" to him "AND NEVER COME BACK" . He looks at me and I add "I was looking right at you. What are you, dumb as a stump? ". He looks at the cashier and says "Can I pay for my candy? " At that point she picks up the phone and starts dialing the cops as he quietly shuffles out the door. Exactly how stupid IS this next generation? Is it the rap music that preaches that it's wrong to snitch? Thoughts?

Originally Posted by jetscott

simple answer. spare the rod, spoil the child. believe it if you want. A couple good a$$ whoopins does wonders. Yes at school too.

(Editor's Note: Don't worry about a$$ whoopins, it sounds like that young man is going to have something else happen down there soon...)



Originally Posted by joiseyjet

Is there "ANY" talk of us doing anything to improve ourselves this year

Originally Posted by aec4

The rumor is the Jets decided in internal meetings to sit back and make sure they suck next year.

(Editor's Note: You did ask "anything", you did not ask "anything worth while"...)


Topic: Herm Speaks

Originally Posted by Lil Bit Special

Hermie must have been saving up his quotes for this media session

Herm Edwards...


There's certain guys we're going to go after and certain guys we're not even going to deal with.

--Wow... thanks Capt. Obvious.

We brought [Alfonso] Boone in knowing he hadn't been a starter and there wasn't a lot of tread on him.

--Wait... dont you want a lot of tread?? I thought when the tread wore out you replaced the tire... would figure it would be the same thing. Now we know, Hermie likes everything bald.

What hurt him last year was he played too much.

When he came here and became a starter, he didn't understand, now all of a sudden you're playing 35 plays a game instead of 25.

--So those extra 10 plays were a drain on him??? If he said he used to play 10 plays and now he has to play 35... but 25 to 35?? sounds like lousy coaching...


We might have champagne taste, but we've got beer money.

--I would have preferred a malt liquor reference instead... much cheaper than beer.

Those guys always are the guys that you pay too much money for. You always do, because you're buying the guy's name. It looks good in the paper, it looks good when you make the announcement, but at the end of the day, does the guy still play up to the name? If they're at a certain time in their career, I say they don't.

--So no more big names like Ty Law I guess... Hermie switching strategies again...


I know this. He's going to be happy because he's a football player. He's going to play football.

--Great insight.

That's what's great about my job. I don't deal with contracts. I don't have to deal with that.

--This way he cant be blamed if a guy he signed doesnt work out and he can blame someone else...

This is a business. That's what's great about football - there’s the football and there's a business part. They're in the business part of it. I don't have to deal with that.

--Whats great about football is its a business??? And I thought it was great because of the play on the field...

He went to the Pro Bowl, but he's a part of the team. That's what you have to realize, it's about the team. It's not about one guy. It's about all of us, and we're all in this together. That's what these guys are going to learn.

--Unless its about Herm Edwards... then its about one guy.


You can always get those guys in the middle of training camp. Those older veteran guys? They don't want to go to training camp anyway. You don't need to be in a panic to get them now. I say, get all the young guys, bring them in here, let them compete.

--Look at all the great veterans the jets got last year during training camp...


What the Giants did, they started off just like us, 0-2. Just like last year.

--What about the fact you were 4-3 and then lost 9 straight games??

For some people, it was a terrible game, because it was 17-14. I don't understand that. That became a great game. When you play those on Sunday, sometimes people say that's awful, you guys didn't score any touchdowns. Well, 17-14, that's a pretty good football game. What's wrong with that?

--For Pats fans it was a terrible game... but I dont remember anyone saying the game was terrible because it was 17-14. But it fits into Herm's philosophy of scoring less than 20 pts.


I don't know him, but I've kind of watched the way his teams have played.

--He doesnt know him, but he kind of watched the way his teams played? Are you kidding me?

He's very thorough, very detailed and very organized. But simplicity is good. It's complicated when people look at it, but when you do it for the players, the players are going to like it. It'll be physical, I know that, on offense.

--So its simple but looks complicated? Or does it just look complicated to Hermie?


It's fun for me, but then we put the tape on and watch them and I say, "OK, tell me what you're doing. Why did you throw the ball over there? What was your read on this coverage?"

--He does this so he can learn how football is played. Hermie doesnt know.

It's kind of fun to listen to the guy talk. You find out about the guy. Does he know what he's doing?

--Funny. we listened to Hermie talk and found out he didnt know what he was doing by his actions on the sidelines.

Another great Hermie interview.

(Editor's Note: Bravo - great work here, Lil Bit!! You wanna do POTW next week?)


Topic: The next generation, God help us all

Originally Posted by Jetfan13

when I ws 18 we didn't even lock our doors...it IS this generation that is a total F-UP, and if youre part of it, well, it fits you well

by the way, drug use when I was 18 was limited to real drugs, not all the fabrications and crack s**t made up in someones basement..Murder rates are so far beyond now, you couldn't possibly be serious when you mentioned it..Have you checked crime rates in your own town before saying that dribble in your post? If ANYTHING you say is true, you must be living in a monestary

Originally Posted by #27TheDominator

They grew all that acid on a farm?

(Editor's Note: ...and walked up hill in the snow both ways to school...)


Topic: my flight is delayed

Originally Posted by greengal

watch out for anyone with a wide stance in the men's room.


(Editor's Note: EXCELLENT post - nothing else need be said. :lol:)


Topic: Great and Crappy Movie Experiences

Originally Posted by Marko Cavka

Marko smart. Have home projector. Marko make woman wear white stretch pants. Instant screen.

(Editor's Note: Do you find that additional Twinkie's help the picture quality, Marko, or is that just what you call a "wide screen"?)


Originally Posted by Marko Cavka

IrishJet new to Jetnation.

He don't know that Marko get most 'pusy' ever. One woman.

Can not beat Marko.

Originally Posted by Irish Jet

dawg be's trippin.


Originally Posted by Marko Cavka

Marko only trip when try block for Chad.

(Editor's Note: You call that trying, big boy? I know a guy in flip-flops that could do a better job than that for just $55.)


Topic: Marco Back!!!

Originally Posted by Marko Cavka

Marko suck one time. Marko in college. Marko very drunk. Marko not want talk about it.

(Editor's Note: Sure "very drunk"...whatever.)


Topic: Office D-bag

Originally Posted by rbljet

Some ***hole stole my lunch today out of the fridge!!!!!! And since we share the building and break room, I won't know who it is. **** this pisses me off. I went to subway yesterday and got a footlong sub. Ate half yesterday, and the other half was for today. Now I have to go get something again.....

MF'r.....Right now I'm thinking of getting another sandwich, wiping my ass with it, and putting it in the fridge....dammit......

Originally Posted by dickkotite

oh now were venturing into an area in which good old DK is king....

I used to keep my milk for my coffee inthe fridge.just about every day, there would be a noticeable amount missing. I decided to be nice, I posted a not on the milk asking whomever to not take anymore. the next day, a chunk is missing. i knew it was the mexican machine workers at night....

so, the next day, i filled up 1/2 with milk, and the other half of warm DK gold. I even put a skull and crossbones on the container with a warning: this is PISS.

sadly, they still gobbled it up.

At another job, my food was missing. especially my pizza. so whats a gal to do? well, I took off all the peperoni slices, rubbed them over my azhole after i took a chit and replaced them. that was also eaten.

(Editor's Note: That is absolutely disgusting...:puke:)


And this week's winner:

Topic: Happy Birthday JetNation

Originally Posted by war ensemble

Thank you Max for giving us the greatest Jets forum to post on, one that you don't have to worry about personal agendas or anything else getting you banned. Great work by everyone involved: Max, without you I wouldn't be on a Jets forum.

But we also have to thank all the people who do work behind the scenes and don't get quite the credit they deserve. Mad props to GreenBeans for the POTW and cleaning up after Max, Verde for the awesome job on the forum's skin, and all the moderators for keeping the board clean.

Congratulation to war ensemble for winning this week's POTW. This is a great post for a lot of reasons, but it really stands out on after a terrible year for the Jets. Thank you, Max for providing us a home, and thank you war ensemble for the great post. Wear the badge with pride this week


Assist of the Week goes to Bob - I would have skipped out on POTW again this week if I had not read the "manscape" line early on in my search. Thanks, Bob!

That's all for this time, kids. Y'all be cool...


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My official stand on Laveranues Coles:

He is a phenomenal player, unlike Pete Kendall, who is a mediocre whining little crybaby bitch. Laveranues Coles is a true warrior. Outside of Wayne Chrebet, I have never seen a New York Jet give himself so completely every week to the Jets. He is a great competitor, talent, and leader in the locker room.


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great job beans, you read about my plans for amedo's if the jets win it all this year?

i'd love to keep coles only if we can get a legit #1 without trading him and coles is willing to move to the slot. coles would unstoppable there. problem is i doubt he'd be willing to take a "demotion" and not offense to his effort and willingness to lay it on the line, he lacks to size and home run potential of a true #1.

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The New York Jets have already PAID Coles. I agree he is a warrior he plays the game 110% every down every play.But hes not worth anymore than he is already being paid.He signed the contract,not you or I. He doesnt have the statistics to demand this.

When does it end.We as a team cannot afford to overpay these older veterans when we have so many needs to improve from 4-12.

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The New York Jets have already PAID Coles. I agree he is a warrior he plays the game 110% every down every play.But hes not worth anymore than he is already being paid.He signed the contract,not you or I. He doesnt have the statistics to demand this.

When does it end.We as a team cannot afford to overpay these older veterans when we have so many needs to improve from 4-12.


Did you read this thread? :lol:

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Lavernous coles is not a number 1 reciever... rather have Roy williams..

I would rather have both. Seems to me we're going to end up with more cap room than we can use. Despite my distaste for his interpretation of being "screwed over" (we "disrespectfully" gave him $8M in bonus money from 2005-2006, two years after the Redskins gave him a $13M signing bonus) there's no sense in losing Coles.

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When I read GG's airport advice for Afo the other day, I literally burst out laughing out loud. My entire family was in the living room with me, and they were like "what?". :)

Congrats war ensemble, and thank you Bob, for giving Beans the drive to put forward his always witty and wonderful POTW thread this week :). I wouldn't blame you for taking some time off during the offseason, Beans, you certainly more than deserve it. Please know, that it is very appreciated.

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