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Bugg and other Clash fans

Jet Moses

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Got this in my email today:

This March, PBS stations nationwide will premiere The Clash Live:

> Revolution Rock, a new documentary film chronicling live performances

> from the iconic punk pioneers at the peak of their powers. A preview

> of the April 15 DVD release, this is a a real tribute to the band's

> electric LIVE PERFORMANCES, and something you won't want to miss.

> Check this site for the most updated PBS airing schedule.


> The Clash Live: Revolution Rock DVD follows the live transformation


> the band, incorporating footage from all phases of The Clash's

> meteoric career, beginning with live-in-the-studio clips from 1979,

> through triumphant concerts from clubland (London's The Music


> 1978) and theatres (The Lyceum, 1978, 1980), climaxing with a

> transcendent blow-out performance at New York's Shea Stadium in 1982.

> The DVD also includes rare footage of the band's performance on The

> Tom Snyder Show and on ABC's Fridays.


> The track listing is:


> 'Complete Control' (From 'The Essential Clash')

> 'I Fought The Law' (Jan 1979, London Lyceum)

> 'Police & Thieves' (Jan 1980, Aylesbury Friars)

> 'What's My Name' (Nov 1977, Manchester Elizabethan Suite)

> 'Capitol Radio One' (Nov 1977, Manchester Elizabethan Suite)

> 'White Riot' (April 1977, Beaconsfield Studios)

> 'I'm So Bored With The USA' (Nov 1978, Manchester Apollo)

> 'London's Burning' (April 1978 London Victory Park)

> '1977' (April 1977, Beaconsfield Studios)

> '(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais' (July 1978 Glasgow Apollo)

> 'Tommy Gun' (1978)

> 'Safe European Home' (July 1978, London Music Machine)

> 'London Calling' (June 1981, New York Bonds International Casino)

> 'Clampdown' (Feb 1980, Lewisham Odeon)

> 'The Guns Of Brixton' (April 1980, Fridays)

> 'Train In Vain' (Feb 1980, Lewisham Odeon)

> 'This Is Radio Clash' (June 1981, The Tomorrow Show)

> 'The Magnificent Seven' (June 1981, The Tomorrow Show)

> 'Brand New Cadillac' (Feb 1982, Tokyo Sun Plaza)

> 'Should I Stay or Should I Go' (Oct 1982, New York Shea Stadium)

> 'Know Your Rights' (May 1983, US Festival)



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